An Amnesty Clause Dwight Trade

When I was looking at that ridiculous Dwight/Gay trade from last night, after I got over the ridiculousness of the trade, I realized something.

If this amnesty clause comes to reality, we can use a three team trade to land Dwight, in a trade similar if not identical to the one I am about to lay out.  

One of the things that we can offer to the Magic that no one else can (at least to the same extent) is cash savings.  Even without an amnesty clause, we can take back Hedo Turkoglu without issue to save them money.  But if the amnesty clause is indeed included in the next CBA, we can take back even more money.  Here's how.

Orlando gets: Outlaw, Morrow, Farmar, Lopez, James, our unprotected first round pick next year, #36 this year, two seconds next year

LA Clippers get: Turkoglu, S&T Humphries, #27 this year, unprotected 2016 first, $3M of Prokhorov's cash

Nets get: Arenas, Howard, Ryan Gomes

Before you yell, just listen.

Orlando buys out Outlaw, LA buys out Turkoglu, and NJ buys out Arenas using the amnesty clause.  Orlando is helped in this trade because they save $13MM+ per year by using their amnesty on Outlaw instead of Arenas, and also manage to shed Turkoglu's contract, while also getting back a few good assets from the Nets.  I think this is the only way they can shed both of their bad contracts, and this trade would actually put them in a good spot cap wise.

LA Is the sketchy part of the trade.  They would buy out Turkoglu and lose nothing but their owner's cash, which Proky will try to cover up with $3M.  They would maintain their cap space and acquire a few assets.  I'm sure they remember what Hump did to Griffin that night. They also shed Gomes' bad contract and actually gain $4M cap. However, I do understand that this would be a hard trade for them to make and it might be unrealistic. 

This is a good trade for the Nets.  We give away pretty much our entire team and all our picks, but we ensure keeping Deron, getting Dwight, AND having more cap room to sign athletic wing defenders.  Deron and Dwight is the only way we can compete with Miami, especially with the amnesty clause allowing us to cut Arenas and sign other wings.  

I understand that this trade might be unrealistic, especially for LA, but I think the structure and general idea isn't so bad, taking on Arenas and finding someone else and bribing them with assets to take on Turkoglu and save Orlando more money.  After all, that's the goal, to save Orlando money and using our owner's cash to get us players.

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