AK, VC, K-Mart - Down with a Discount?

I didn't put Hump in this category since I think he'll be looking for every penny he can after dropping $2.5m on a ring. If that's 2 months salary, we're in trouble. However he can still be retained fairly easily since we can go over the cap to sign him as long as we work around his $6.4m roster hold.

However... perhaps there are some players that would want to come back to NJ, D.Will or Proky to be part of something special entering Brooklyn.

AK - He has ties to Deron, ties to Proky and seems to be on his way out of Utah as they rebuild. The logic has been in place for a while, but the price has to be right.  I say offer him 4 years (4th year a team option) for $24m, or an average of $6m a year, starting at $5m in the 1st year and going up for 1/2 million increments.

K.Mart - He was are heart and soul and loves his time here.  After a less than perfect time in Denver, maybe he's welcome the trip back?  Denver seems to be rebuilding and there was a lot of back and forth of words between Kenyon and Denver.  Due his age, I would offer K.Mart 3 years $12m.

VC - Another relic from the past, except this time, he would have a much lesser role behind Morrow as our 6th man. VC had really fallen out of favor with Orlando and then Phoenix quickly, and I think others may have noticed.  Offer VC 3 years $10m and see if he takes it.

Hump - And finally, yes I do think we need to keep the Hump and I would be willing to give him 5 years $40m with a team option that last year. Front load the contract so it declines over the years, but sign him last after we use all our cap space.

Once all is said and done, we don't have a ton of youth from free agency but we have the proven vets that D.Will wants and will help us win.  We still have youthful assets (picks, Farmar, James, etc) for trading pieces, but just focuses on the summer, I think this if a good start.


Line - Up:

Deron Williams / Jordan Farmar / Sundiata Gaines

Anthony Morrow / Vince Carter / Marshon Brooks

Andrei Kirilenko / Damion James / Travis Outlaw

Kris Humphries / Kenyon Martin

Brook Lopez / Johan Petro / Nikola Vucevic

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