A New Draft Idea

We have all seen a lot of NBA Draft ideas here on NetsDaily, and most of them involve standing pat and grabbing a player such as Marshon Brooks. However, I would like to propose a new, fairly drastic idea.

We trade Jordan Farmar, #27, #36, and 3 Million dollars of Prokhorov's cash to the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats are in dire need of a solid backup PG behind Augustin, and the 2 extra picks and 3 Million dollars never hurt anyone. The Nets would benefit from this trade because they get to pick this guy:

Alec Burks, SG, Colorado

Burks is a phenomenal Shooting Guard prospect.  He stands at 6'6 with shoes, has a solid 6'10 wingspan, and weighs in at 193 pounds.  But here's the scary part: he's still growing.  He has grown 3 inches in college, and presumably has another inch or two in the bag.  With that comes the ability to put on important weight and strength to succeed at the NBA level.  

As a player, Burks is pretty awesome.  He scored 20+ PPG in a solid conference in the Big 12.  He is, simply put, a great scorer.  He has a tremendous handle and as a result is phenomenal at creating his own shot, something that not a SINGLE Nets wing excels at.  That would be a totally new and necessary element for the Nets, something that they sorely lack at the moment.  He can use his handle to take the ball to the rim much more efficiently than any current Nets player.

He also possesses extremely good court vision and passing ability, and despite the fact that he was the undisputed star of the Buffaloes, he is not selfish with the ball, in the way that a player like Brooks was.  He also rebounds extremely well for a guard and does something most players in this day and age don't: He follows his own shot.

Burks has good size and tremendous athleticism, so he definitely has the ability to become a lockdown defender at the SG position, even though he hasn't shown that ability yet.  I think Avery Johnson would be able to get him to buy into his system and become a tremendous defender.  

Burks also has no character issues, and seems to be a good kid.  He also, as stated before, has never been labeled a chucker even though he played on what could be considered an inferior team.  

To conclude, Burks could be a phenomenal compliment to Anthony Morrow at the 2 guard position, and would be able to take over that starting job for years to come and be a rock on the wings.  Burks would be a deadly scorer for the Nets, and would also prevent them from wasting money on a guy like JR Smith or Arron Afflalo.  

In all seriousness, what's not to like about this kid? 

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