Realistically speaking (if no DH12) who do we want????

Here we sit as Nets fans with another looooooooooong summer ahead of us.  First it was the Lebron saga, where we waited to have ZERO free agents of merit (no offense outlaw) give us so much as a sniff!!! Then there were the Melo rumors, which began towards the end of the summer all the way to the trading deadline.....where alas, Melo wanted so much to stay away from us that he almost risked not being traded.

Here we stand now having made the best move of the trading deadline (utah getting the #3 pick in a weak draft further validates that) in acquiring deron williams.  With that being said the NJNETS have a premier PG, a cornerstone young center who will only continue to improve, a hardworking hardnosed PF(assuming he resigns) in Humphris, and some nice young chips in Anthony Morrow and Damion James.

After that we have little if anything else though!!!! Knowing what free agents are out there, and who is available for trades, what can we as nets fans really expect barring a huge deal for Dwight Howard?

In my estimation with the picks, and players we have i can see a team like this being put on the floor next year:

Deron Williams/Sundiata Gaines

OJ Mayo/Anthony Morrow

Andre Kirilenko/Travis Outlaw/James

Kris Humphries/Brandon Wright

Brook Lopez/Jason Collins

OJ Mayo was very expendable towards the trading deadline and regardless of what people say, he had 2 good games in the playoffs if we examine it closely.....Farmar and a pick for Mayo.....Andre Kirilenko makes a lot of sense in that he just does everything well, while not a great scorer, he plays great D, blocks shots, gets steals, a good rebounder and can fill the lane...In your estimation does this make us a playoff team? I believe it does.

This offers a way for NJ to improve without breaking the bank and keeping flexibility to be able to sign another max guy as AK47 would sign on the cheaper end.....while i thinkt this would be a solid 6 or 7 seed i do think Billy the Kid has something tradewise up his sleeve that we wont expect.  The only problem here is that time is not on our side with the impending lockout, many owners/gms would be hesitant to make moves without first knowing what the guidelines of the new CBA would be!!!!

One things for sure if we get that Amnesty Clause, take the outlaw off that list!!!!!

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