How About These Off-season Moves? (SJax/AK/Jamison)

The goals:

1. Make Deron happy by getting some quality players with experience.

2. Make this team a playoff team

3. Leave the door open for Dwight either via trade or next off-season.


NJ trades:
Farmar, Morrow, Outlaw, Petro, HOU #1, 2 #2, $9m Cash
S.Jackson, Jamison, Price/Stephenson

-Jackson looks to be a veteran player D.Will has been referring to. They desperately needs someone like him who can create his own shot
-Jamison is a serviceable back-up, but more importantly his massive expirer could come in handy later on
-Price or Stephenson are guard depth, and also traded by Indy to free up roster room for signings.

Indiana trades:
D.Jones, Price/Stephenson
Farmar, Petro, 2 NJ #2, $3m Cash

-Done if Indiana gets shut out in free agency
-Adds quality depth at PG with Farmar who can shoot and play the 2
-Petro would be only their 3rd big under contract
-Only uses about $3.5m of their cap space leaving them with ~$20m in cap space

Collison / Farmar / Price or Stephenson
George / Rush
Granger / Posey
Hibbert / Petro
'11 #1
$20m in cap space

Charlotte trades:
S.Jackson, Diaw*, #2
Morrow, Outlaw, HOU #1, $3m Cash, $7m T

*assumes Diaw picks up his PO
-goes with the youth movement and gets rid of vets
-big savings leaving them with about $15M in cap space

Augustin / Livingston
Morrow / Henderson / Carroll
Outlaw / Najera
TyThomas / White

Cleveland trades:
Diaw, D.Jones, CHA #2, $3m Cash, $3m TPE

-Adds depth on the wings
-Save some money both in salary and cash
-Creates another TPE

B.Davis / Sessions
D.Jones / Gibson
Diaw / Eyenga
Hickson / Harangody
Varejao /Samuels / Erden
LAC #1


FA Signings

AK - 3/15
AK may be on his way out in Utah and the GM or owner has recently made statement regarding his concern signing a chronically injured player. AK has stated money is not that important and has ties to Prokhorov so this seems like a logical pairing.

Humphries - 4/32
NJ is able to go over the cap to sign Humphries because his cap hold was only $6.4m but they can sign him for more. Here they give him a fairly generous deal that they front load as much as possible to give him a declining contract that may be appealing in future trade.

#27 - Best SG - Lee, Brooks, Mack
#33 - Best C - Vucevic, Benson

2011-2012 Roster
D.Williams / Gaines / Price or Stephenson
S.Jackson / #1 / Vet FA
AK-47 / D.James
Humphries / Jamison
Lopez / Vet FA / #2

Closer to the trade deadline, look to make a move for Dwight, centered around:

D.James or LAL #1
'12 + '14 NJ #1



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