Random Summer Acquisition Ideas II

We can't have FanPosts for every single trade or free agent idea that comes to mind. From now on, there will be one FanPost on the home page to house your random summer acquisition ideas. If you have one, add it in the comments below. New FanPosts regarding random ideas will be removed.

-- NetsDaily

Roundball Mining Company Article on JR Smith & Pondering Potential Chemistry with the addition of a 2 and 3 

Hey guys.  So I was talking to my brother the other day and he stumbled upon this Denver-Dallas post-game article about how the author believes JR Smith is maturing as a player.  It was definitely a really interesting article so I felt that I should share it with you all here.  

Its definitely a good topic for conversation for us at Netsdaily considering we need some quality players on the wing.

The article has plenty of input from Nuggets fans at the end which makes it that much more interesting for us as Nets fans (many of us who are imagining JR Smith coming back home to Jersey and running a potentially dangerous backcourt with D-will).

How would JR fare with starter's minutes and the confidence from a coach that he belongs as a starter?  Maybe George Karl is using him properly off the bench?  How would he perform with a backcourt mate like D-will?  These are all very interesting questions that we here at Netsdaily should talk about so enough of all the's the article:

In addition to this article, about a few weeks back, I posted this following fanpost at DenverStiffs to see who they really wanted to keep in the off-season since we are interested in a number of players from that team this summer.  I've been really busy with school so I didn't have a chance to really pick their brains over there but you may find their comments worth the read nonetheless's that one:

One last thing...a poll:

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