Nets Offseason 2011: The Turning Point of the Franchise

This year, the Nets have sucked.  There's no sugarcoating it.  But next year, with a set roster, more time to adjust, and hopefully a new infusion of talent, we have the potential to be a playoff team.  But it has to be done right.  Win this offseason and we're set for years.  Screw it up, our entire future is screwed.

This team has some of the attributes needed to be a good team.  We have that star point guard that makes everyone better, has the knack for the open man, and can score the ball.  We have that good low post presence on offense with Brook Lopez.  We have a shooter in Morrow, and a hard-nosed rebounder in Humphries.  So what are we missing?

- The most important missing piece:  A SMALL FORWARD.  We have nothing at that position.  Outlaw is terrible and was a huge setback to the franchise.  James has potential to be a role player, but is nowhere near a starter on a great team.  We need a guy who can create his own shot, a guy we can count on to get his 20 points in big games.  

- A real bench: All championship teams have a real bench.  The only bench pieces we have at this point who can logically fit into our future are Brandan Wright, Damion James, Jordan Farmar, and maaaybe Sundiata Gaines, and even these guys are mostly potential and are far from sure things off the bench.  We need a real backup center (not Johan Petro), a shooter off the bench, and a guy who can score for the second unit.

- Other pieces we could use but are not completely necessary are better starting SGs and PFs, and another rebounder.

So we need a lot.  So what do we do?

Step 1: The Draft

Move #1: Trade The LAL pick and $3M for the draft rights to Jordan Hamilton.  This guy has flaws, but he can really shoot and score from both wing positions, which would be tremendously valuable to this Nets team.  The current second team lacks a scorer, and though Hamilton has flaws, he would certainly help the second unit put up points and stay with the opposition.

Move #2: Draft Tyler Zeller with the Nets' own pick in the second round.  Zeller has a relatively polished offensive game for a rookie big and could contribute in a similar way to fellow UNC alum Tyler Hansbrough.  He lacks bulk, but he could be a serviceable big man in time.  

Step 2: Free agency

Here we should stay relatively quiet.  None of the guys impress me that much.  So what do we do?  Sign smaller-roled players, but the RIGHT ONES.

#1: Anthony Parker to a short term deal:  He along with Hamilton could create one of the better 2/3 bench tandems in the league, and would bring valuable veteran presence and shooting ability.

#2: Trade Jordan Farmar, Damion James, Brandan Wright, Sasha Vujacic, and picks to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala.  This guy would bring so many things to the table for the Nets, a scoring wing player who can distribute and rebound as well as show good character and leadership.  He would fill a gaping whole in the Nets team: SF

#3: Try and sign Samuel Dalembert to a reasonable contract.  If not let him walk, but I think his shotblocking ability and defensive presence would be huge for this team.

#4: Sign Andrei Kirilenko.  He would love to reunite with Deron Williams and play for an owner like Mikhail Prokhorov.  

#5: Resign Humphries and Uzoh

PG: Williams, Gaines, Uzoh

SG: Morrow, Parker, Hamilton

SF: Iguodala, Kirilenko, Outlaw

PF: Humphries, Zeller

C: Lopez, Dalembert, Petro

Good team a balanced starting lineup and in my opinion a standout bench with some room left for more players.  Your thoughts?

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