How the Nets Can Become a Championship Contender

Assuming even if the newly negotiated CBA lowers the salary cap and revenue designated to players, it will lower the cap proportionally to still leaves the Nets with the same cap advantage relative to the other NBA teams, scaling down the exact numbers but keeping the relative possibility the same, decreasing the effect of the actual cap reduction


Nets current cap space:

Approximately 20 million

Outlaw (7 million per) and 2011 1st rounder (Lakers 2011 pick) and 2014 first rounder and 2nd Rounder and 3 million cash for trade exception/cap space (to anyone, Blazers?)… even add DJames if necessary to dump Outlaw


27 million cap space

Petro (3 mill) and 3 million cash for Richard Hamilton (12.5 mill) and 2011 unprotected 1st round pick—7th probably—Terrence Jones/Kawhi Leonard (2.3 mill 1st year) with probability.043 for the 1st overall pick, .049 for the 2nd overall pick, .058 for the 3rd overall pick like the 2011 trade deadline trade with Cleveland Cavaliers that Hamilton vetoed


17.5 mill cap space

SIGN Greg Oden to a frontloaded 2 years 9.5 mill (6, 3.5)


11.5 mill cap space

TRADE Anthony Morrow (2 years 8 mill remaining—4 mill per year) and Jordan Farmar (2 years 8 mill remaining—4 mill per year) and 2012 2nd Rounder for OJ Mayo (5,632,636)


~13 mill Cap Space


Kenyon Martin 2 years, 5 mill (2.5 per)


10.5 Cap Space


Sign Vet Min Center—1.2 mill (Kurt Thomas?)—that can play minutes here and there (primarily use Kmart, Hump, Lopez big man rotation)


9.3 Mill Cap Space


Resign Hump for 4 years 28 mill (5,5,9,9) 


4.3 Mill Cap Space

Andrei Kirilenko 2 year 7 mill (hope for a Russian discount) (4.3, 2.7)


2011 Beginning Season Roster



TJones or KLeonard/Kirilenko/DJames


Lopez/Oden/Kurt Thomas?


SHOWCASE ODEN, hoping Oden plays well and shows that he can stay healthy.  If he performs anywhere near his potential, he becomes the perfect trading chip to acquire Howard should he decline an extension and Otis Smith decide to trade him at the deadline.


Howard for Oden and Kris Humphries and 2012 Nets first rounder and Houston first round pick at Trade Deadline




Howard for Lopez and 2012 Nets first rounder and Houston first round pick at 2012 Trade Deadline



Sign JKIDD for 2 years 6 mill


Resign Lopez over the cap with Bird Rights (or Relative Equivalent in new CBA)


Go to Brooklyn with

2012-2013 starting lineup


Deron Williams/Jason Kidd/Sundiata Gaines

OJ Mayo/Richard Hamilton/VC

Terrence Jones/Andrei Kirilenko/Damion James

Brook Lopez/Kenyon Martin

Dwight Howard/Ronny Turiaf(?)/?










OR if it is impossible to get Howard







**could obviously make different moves if Howard doesn’t work out


Don’t nitpick the numbers.  It is all a rough estimate (I do not pretend to know the exact ins and outs of the salary cap), and we can only speculate with the uncertainty of the upcoming CBA



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