The next important event for the Nets: The Draft

The Nets have work to do.  We all know that.  And the next important event for the Nets is the place where lots of bad teams reload to get better.  The NBA Draft.  While the Nets may have traded away their own top pick, they still have two picks, one in the high 20s and one in the mid 30s.  These picks, while unlikely to produce stars, certainly have the ability to add solid role players to a team, something the Nets desperately need.  So who are some guys the Nets could look at?

William Buford, 6-5 SG, Ohio State: Buford is an athletic 2-guard with a solid jumpshot.  He has good size and length and possesses solid defensive skills.  He is also experienced.  However, his ball-handling, passing, and strength at the rim leave something to be desired.  Buford is a solid 2-guard prospect and would be a decent but not ideal complement to Anthony Morrow.

Jordan Hamilton, 6-7 SG/SF, Texas: Hamilton is a great scorer both at the rim and from the outside.  He can put up points in bunches and overall has a very good offensive game.  However, he is also a bit of a chucker and isn't the quickest player out there.  He would be a solid fit for the Nets to provide some much-needed scoring from the wing positions.

Chris Singleton, 6-9 SF/PF, Florida State: Singleton is a phenomenal defensive presence.  He has solid instincts, shot-blocking ability, and lateral quickness and athleticism which give him the ability to guard multiple positions.  His offensive game is solid but unspectacular.  There are similarities between Damion James and Singleton, they have similar potential, which might make it slight overkill to draft him, however you can never have too much defense.  

Kenneth Faried, 6-8 PF, Morehead State: Faried is Kris Humphries 2.0.  They both rebound with amazing tenacity and approach every board as if it were theirs.  They are not afraid of contact, and both play with tenacity on defense.  However, neither is the best athlete or has the best size.  Faried is also lacking in the low-post and in general on offense besides dunks.  In my opinion, if Humphries leaves, we should be all over this guy.  But if we resign Hump, he may be overkill.

Tobias Harris, 6-8 SF, Tennessee: Harris is a great option for the Nets.  He can score both inside and out, rebound, and handle the ball.  His combination of size, quickness, and ball-handling make him a tough guard for most players.  He can guard inside and out as well.  However, Harris is not very aggressive at the rim or on the glass.  This can be fixed with good coaching, and I think Harris would be a great fit for the Nets.

JaJuan Johnson, 6-10 PF, Purdue: Johnson is a tremendous offensive player, with the ability to shoot the mid-range shot as well as score down low and around the rim.  However, he is not very strong for a post player and thus lacks rebounding ability and toughness, which could be a problem in the NBA.  His length allows him to block a ton of shots, but his post defense is lacking due to his lack of strength.  Johnson could be a good compliment to Kris Humphries as an offensive threat, however he would be totally unusable next to Brook Lopez.  In the end, his lack of strength is a reason to stay away.

Kyle Singler, 6-9 SF, Duke: Despite the fact that this guy bothers me to no end, he will most likely be a solid NBA player.  He is a great catch-and-shoot threat, shoots the midrange jumpshot, runs the floor, and rebounds.  He plays very hard and aggressively, and would bring some much-needed energy to the Nets.  However, he is not athletic and struggles to stay with the very best.  His jumpshot can also go through rough spots.  He along with Harris are good options for the Nets to bulk up their production at the 3 spot.

Tyler Zeller, 6-11 PF, UNC: Zeller is an extremely mobile big with the ability to finish at the rim both in the half-court and in transition.  He can also score in the post.  However, he's skinny and has almost no jumpshot.  His rebounding is solid but not great.  Zeller could be a solid role player in the NBA, but first he needs to put on some weight.  

Jordan Williams, 6-10 PF, Maryland: Williams is a strong and aggressive rebounder, can score in the post, and shows phenomenal attitude.  Williams is not the most athletic, but he works hard to improve, and with the drastic improvements he made from his freshman to his sophomore year show that he is willing to work hard to improve.  I think Williams would be a great pick for the Nets to add a hard-working, strong rebounding big to the team.  

The ideal scenario for me is that the Nets come away with one wing and one big with potential to contribute right away.  In my opinion, the ideal draft would be Tobias Harris and Jordan Williams, who both combine youth and polish, but obviously there are a lot of ways in which they could go.  

There are several other options, such as John Henson, Lucas Nogueira, Kris Joseph, Khris Middleton, and Nolan Smith.  Who's your favorite option? Leave your opinion in the comments. 

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