Should we Trade Deron Williams?

First thing's first, I am not really serious about what I'm about to say. It's always fun to do 'what-if' scenarios, and who says you can't use those kinds of things to predict the future, extremely?

The conventional thinking now in the NBA is that you need two superstars at your core to compete with the championship teams, and then the surrounding guys will determine your success from there. The Heat have 3 guys who are still in their primes, 2 super stars and one perennial all star power forward. They have a very good chance at being the NBA's most dominant team going forward.

The Nets' premier hope at becoming one of those super teams is Dwight Howard. Actually, let me say this- I think Dwight Howard is their ONLY hope at becoming one of those super teams. By trading for Deron Williams, the Nets have foregone their rebuilding phrase and they now have to acquire great players around Deron.

If the Nets don't get Dwight Howard, heck, if they don't even get a sniff of interest, where will they be? Decent, probably, but really, how good can they possibly be? Who is a free agent to be that is going to be that star player, in 2011, 2012, you can go on from there.

So here's my stupid idea, one that I would never do if I were the GM because it would cost me my job, cost the team tickets and fan momentum going into Brooklyn.

Trade Deron Williams and Brook Lopez for picks in the 2012 draft, which right now looks like one of the best talent pools since the Lebron draft which brought us a lot of great players, although no one knows if any of these guys can be as good as Wade, Bosh, you name it, as long as it isn't called James (we'll know when the next guy like James is coming along. They talked about James non-stop for years before he reached the league.)

Why would I trade Deron Williams, in this fantasy world with no repercussions if I'm wrong? Because as great as he is, the evidence overwhelmingly says that passing point guards aren't the secret to an NBA championship. As good as Kidd was he only masked a lot of the team's vulnerabilities by making everyone look better on offense.

But what if the Brooklyn Nets had a Rocket's mid-first rounder, a lottery pick for Deron, and their own stinky pick that could be #1 and get you a player like Anthony Davis, Michael Gilchrist, Austin Rivers, Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones.. and that's not even all of the names that are going to sneak into the lottery next year!

I know this is ridiculous and I'm not saying it would make any sense. But with bone chips in Deron's hands, parts of me wonders how sweet it would be to have a young, power-house team like the Thunder does, and this is my dumb fantasy in which it happens.

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