Could this trade happen this offseason?

One reason the Orlando Magic's franchise is in trouble is due to the perilous cap situation they possess.  They have huge contracts in Arenas and Turkoglu alongside Howard's sure max deal, and neither of these guys is performing close to the level of their contracts.  So if they traded Howard they'd really be screwed because they would have no future anyway.  Howard is their only hope.  

So the only way we can ensure that we obtain Howard is by trading for him.  But as I said, Howard means so much to the Magic.  He is the face of the franchise and without him they have no future.

So it's probably impossible to get them to give up on him, right?

There's one way we might be able to make it happen.

I'm no genius or anything, and I don't know if this trade would fly on both sides, but I am going to suggest it anyway.  If we offered to take back Hedo Turkoglu's bad contract, would the Magic be willing to give up Dwight for a lesser package?  I think there is a chance.  Hedo has a bad contract and getting rid of him would go a long way on the path to future success for the Magic.  

So, if we offered them Kris Humphries, Brook Lopez, Damion James, Jordan Farmar, our pick next year, and a massive trade exception for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, would the Magic bite?  I think there is a chance.  The Magic would receive a building-block in the low-post in Lopez, who despite concerns about his rebounding is a phenomenal offensive center, and a solid starting PF in Humphries who gives hard-nosed play at all times. They would also receive a good role player in Farmar and a rookie with potential in James, along with a good pick and massive cap relief.

The Nets would certainly take a cap hit in this trade, but I think it would be worth it.  While Turkoglu's contract is pretty hideous, I actually think he could be a solid starting SF in the right situation, with his talents, and I think this might be the spot for that.  Why? Because he's got a big-market, a great center and a great point guard, a nice new arena, a billionaire owner.  This could revitalize him and bring him back to the great player he was in some seasons in Orlando.  

And of course, there's Howard who would bring so much to this team.  He'd bring a personality, a fan favorite, a good off-the-court guy (even if he whines on it).   And not only that, he's an awesome player, far and away the top center in the league, and would replace Humphries' rebounding and Brook's offense in one guy.  (His offense has improved immensely)  Howard would resign to play with Williams and get about 200 alley-oops per game, and be a perennial NBA candidate with a guy like D-Will throwing him the ball.  He has never played with a passer close to Deron's caliber and he would put up even better offensive numbers with all the cheap buckets he would get.  He would also bring an interior defensive presence and attitude that the Nets sorely lack.

This trade would also cause Deron to sign an extension on the spot, which is an underrated but big element to this trade.

The Nets would, in my opinion, have a no brainer in this one.  They get a tremendous player.  The trade is down to whether Orlando would accept.  But would they? What are your thoughts on this one?

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