A quick Q and A with Billy King



I was the only Brit reporter to firstly, identify Billy King and secondly, speak to him, whilst he was in London.


Shame on the other guys. Then again, they were probably busy asking Deron if he liked the UK and if he thought a franchise should be in Europe for the 18th time that day...


It's not anything we didn't already expect to hear from someone within the Nets organisation but hearing that Deron Williams is being given the green light to be involved in the path this franchise takes is a positive.


From a personal standpoint, if I was in Williams' position I'd be really pleased that I was being given a certain amount of freedom and power in making decisions or, at the very least, having a say in what goes on.


Williams holds all the cards right now. If the Nets can't please him then he can leave and play wherever he wants (except for in any future Jerry Sloan team) so the onus is completely on the Nets to make him happy.


The only real thing in the Nets favour (and it just so happens that it could be the most important factor) is that they may be able to play the 'kidnap card'. This refers to the potential 'franchise player tag' that has been thrown around in relation to the CBA discussions.


Essentially, it means that the Nets would be able to offer the most money to Williams, thus making it more likely for him to stay a Net either because they will offer him a one year contract stacked full of cash and because he wouldn't want the uncertainty of only being on a one year deal, he'd sign a longer term contract or the alternative is that Williams would pretty much be bound by the same terms that apply for a restricted free agent.


Confused? Yep, so am I but like the Nets, in times of confusion I continue on blindly in the hope that something will improve.


So here's some Billy King quotes:



-How have you been selling the Nets to Deron? What are the selling points?


-“Well, I think one of them is the new arena in Brooklyn, the best owner in the NBA and we got a young team with cap flexibility, so a lot of things that he can help having a say with: his team mates and the rebuilding”


-So some responsibility is on him?


-“Yeah, we're giving him a little bit ownership in the process”


-What does the gazillionaire GM, Prokhorov, bring to the Nets other than some mad jet-ski skillz?


-“He's passionate. And obviously the financial part helps too. But he's passionate in business”


-Mark Cuban pimped out the Dallas locker room when he first bought them in 2000, what has the big Russian done so far?


-“He's giving them the resources (to improve) – one example is each player is given his own i-pad so they can watch the games they've played in after they've played it.”


-And the aim for the remainder of the season?


-“The aim for this season is to win as many games as is possible.”


Nothing out of the ordinary above but like I say, the most interesting bit was that Deron has a say in how this franchise goes.


So no pressure there Deron...

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