2011 Free Agents Flying Under the Radar

Everyone here on NetsDaily talks about the same handful of FA's - Wilson Chandler, David West, Arron Afflalo, Thaddeus Young, JR Smith, etc. Here are some 2011 free agents that have game, but are flying under the radar. They can certainly fill some holes we have on our roster.



I certainly believe Humphries deserves a multiyear contract as our starting PF next season. The Nets need to sign someone to back him up (affordability is key in this situation):

Jonas Jerebko (Restricted FA)
He had a very solid rookie season with Detroit, averaging over 9 points and 6 boards while shooting 48%. He's a scrappy kid who plays with 100% effort on every play. His motor and hustle would be a great addition to the NJ bench. He's been out this entire season after an Achilles injury, but DET has said he's 100% healthy now. They are very high on him, so I wonder how much money we'd have to give up to pry him away.

Josh McRoberts (Unrestricted)
People will probably jump on my back for mentioning his name, but he would be an affordable backup that can actually play. He has played well this season, as Frank Vogel is using him over Hansbrough at the end of games now. He is super athletic and can do a little bit of everything (shoot from the outside, handle the ball, rebound, etc.) Wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg, either.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Restricted)
Although he is undersized, he's proven himself to be a very solid defender and teammate in Milwaukee. His toughness would be huge for our bench. Again, he's a favorite of Scott Skiles so I wonder if he'll be overpaid by Milwaukee. If he slips through the cracks, he could be a cost-effective signing for our bench.

Other noteworthy backup big men have been discussed on this site - Chuck Hayes, Reggie Evans, Carl Landry, etc. There seems to be the most options at this position.



No way to sugar coat it: Johan Petro is awful. Every time he checks into the game, I cringe. We need a cost-effective backup center to spell Brook:

Kyrylo Fesenko (Unrestricted)
He's young and very strong, and would be an upgrade over Petro. He played great defense for the Jazz last year during the playoffs. He will probably be a very cheap signing, and could be a diamond in the rough. He also played with DWill in Utah.

Kurt Thomas (Unrestricted)
Good ol' Kurt Thomas still can play! He'll probably want to re-sign with Chicago or another contender, but his toughness and intangibles would be the perfect compliment to Brook. We need a tough veteran center to battle with Brook in practice on a daily basis. 



Obviously, it's our glaring weakness. The FA class, however, isn't very deep and promising at this position. Wilson Chandler would be nice, but will be expensive. Plus, he's had lingering ankle problems his entire career. There's a lot of aging veterans out there, like Tayshaun and Battier, who would be perfect fits IF their contracts are appropriate. Here's some other FA's who could be cheaper alternatives:

Reggie Williams (Restricted)
I saw him at the NJ-GSW game not too long a go, and this young man can really shoot. Imagine him and Morrow out there together with Deron running the show? We'd hit 10 threes a night! He's an upgrade over Outlaw, that's for sure.

Mo Evans (Unrestricted)
He's played well as of late, and would be a nice stop-gap solution at SF for a season or two. He'd also be very inexpensive. He plays solid D and can stroke the long ball. If a better option comes a long down the road, he'd slide over to the bench and give us solid depth on the wing.

Anthony Parker (Unrestricted)
See: Mo Evans.

Dominic McGuire (Unrestricted)
S. Graham will probably be gone after this season (please!) and we need to get the RIGHT defensive specialist for our bench. I think McGuire has potential to fill that role. He's a tweener that can really defend multiple positions. He'd definitely be affordable, and would be a very nice signing for depth purposes. Another Bobcat to look out for is Dante Cunningham. He's a decent player who would also be affordable for our bench.

DeMarre Carroll (Unrestricted)
Another potential defensive specialist that would be very cheap. He's long, athletic and active. Would be a solid depth signing (3rd string, can fill in for injured players once in a while).


Again, these signings will not transform us into the Lakers, but they will provide us with great depth and balance. There aren't any star SF/SG's available this offseason, so why overspend now? We can plug some of the holes temporarily and wait till top players become available in the near future. Solidifying our bench/depth would be huge this offseason, and would really help our overall play in 2011-12. Hopefully, we won't make the same mistakes again this offseason! LET'S GO NETS!

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