A Wake Up Call: Jeff Green is a Below Average NBA Player

Everyone on NetsDaily is trying to come up with ideas on how to improve the Nets for next season and beyond. One name that is constantly bandied about is Jeff Green.

However, I think that signing Green would be disastrous for the Nets. In order to illustrate this point, I will compare Green to the league average.

Points Per Game:

League Average:

9.5 PTS in 23.5 Minutes - 0.404 Points Per Minute

Jeff Green:

14.1 Points in 33.6 Minutes - 0.420 Points Per Minute

Rebounds Per Game:

League Average:

4.0 REB in 23.5 Minutes - 0.170 Rebounds Per Minute

Jeff Green:

4.8 Rebounds in 33.6 Minutes - 0.143 Rebounds Per Minute

Blocks Per Game:

League Average:

0.47 Blocks in 23.5 Minutes - 0.020 Blocks Per Minute

Jeff Green:

0.5 Blocks in 33.6 Minutes - 0.015 Blocks Per Minute

Steals Per Game:

League Average:

0.71 Steals in 23.5 Minutes - 0.030 Steals Per Minute

Jeff Green:

0.8 Steals in 33.6 Minutes - 0.024 Steals Per Minute

Assists Per Game:

League Average:

2.1 Assists in 23.5 Minutes - 0.089 Assists Per Minute

Jeff Green:

1.5 Assists in 33.6 Minutes - 0.045 Assists Per Minute

Field Goal Percentage:

League Average: 45.8%

Jeff Green: 45.2%

Field Goal Percentage "At Rim:"

League Average: 63.9%

Jeff Green: 71.9%

Field Goal Percentage From 3-9 Feet

League Average: 39.1%

Jeff Green: 32.1%

Field Goal Percentage From 10-15 Feet

League Average: 39.2%

Jeff Green: 28.0%

Field Goal Percentage From 16-23 Feet

League Average: 39.4%

Jeff Green: 41.4%

3-Point Field Goal Percentage

League Average: 36.1%

Jeff Green: 31.7%


So, Jeff Green is above average in exactly three of these categories, Points Per Game, Field Goal Percentage "At Rim," and Field Goal Percentage From 16-23 Feet. 

In every other category, he is below the league average. 

Is he worth the contract it would take to pry him away from Boston? I do not believe that he is.

I really, really hope King does not sign this guy. It could be a disastrous mistake that could hurt the Nets for a long time to come. If the Celtics want to overpay this guy, more power to them.

Don't do it.



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