What the Nets should do in the offseason

We all know that the Nets have to do what they can to make Deron Williams want to stay with them for the long term. I've been hearing about how they should go after David West, Zach Randolph and all of those other players. To be honest, I don't think it would be necessary and the Nets are better off looking elsewhere to build the team into a contender for next season.

One of the first moves that they need to make is for a LEGIT small forward, which is and should be the Nets #1 priority in the offseason. Let's face it, Travis Outlaw is a BUST and the Nets have got to be kicking themselves for signing that guy to such a RIDICULOUS contract. Now they're pretty much stuck with him for at least 2-3 years of his 5 yr deal. So if the Nets are planning to upgrade at SF, they need to do it via trade. One player whom they should look into is Gerald Wallace of the Blazers. The Blazers really didn't need Wallace, to be honest, and the Nets should have been the main team pursuing him especially since the Blazers have Batum. Wallace would be a GREAT fit for the Nets and Avery's system. Offer up Damion James and some other players.

Next, the Nets need to decide if they plan on keeping Brook Lopez for the long term or is he just not fit for the team altogether. There are rumors that Dwight Howard may want out of Orlando and if the Magic aren't interested in going through what the Nuggets have gone through with Carmelo Anthony, then they'll trade Dwight in the offseason. The Nets should be the first in line to offer a package deal with Brook Lopez as the centerpiece. Make it a sign-and-trade deal so that the salaries will be able to match. That way, the Nets will FINALLY have a dominant center that they've been lacking for a LONG TIME and Brook can be in lala land down in Orlando where Disney World and his best friend Ryan Anderson are.

No worries or changes for SG or PF if the Nets have Howard, Wallace and Williams in the lineup. Morrow and Humphries can secure those spots, though the Nets can upgrade if they so desire. As for the bench, the Nets really need to shape it up a bit. Get rid of Johan Petro and replace him with a big man that the Nets may get in the draft. Bring back Brandon Wright and have him play backup to Humphries. Bring back Vujacic and let him be Morrow's backup. Finally, the Nets need to know exactly who they want manning backup duties to D-Will whether it's Farmar or Gaines. The odd man out needs to be traded.

If the Nets can go into next season with a potential lineup of:

  1. Howard (C)
  2. Humphries (PF)
  3. Wallace (SF)
  4. Morrow (SG)
  5. Williams (PG) 

I'd be very excited and would believe that they would be a top 5 team in the East. On paper, they would look BETTER than the Knicks, Bulls, Hawks and even the Heat. I would love to see a lineup similar to that, next season. Go Nets!!

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