Ten Trades Billy King and co. Should Strongly Consider this Offseason Part II

So we move on to part two in this compelling series. :)


When watching this team it's obvious to me what the biggest need is...


A high level scoring wing who can create his own shot, handle the ball some to take pressure off Deron and at the same time play good defense.


As easy as everyone makes it sound to acquire one, these guys don't grow on trees.


So it comes a question of who is possible to trade for and at the same time is the proper fit for our team.


Enter Danny Granger...





He can shoot from anywhere on the floor, he racks up a ton of fouls, putting pressure on opposing defenses in the process, he can handle the ball and create his own shot, he's high BBIQ with solid passing abilities and he can play high level defense.

In other words the total package.


Now I am not trying to say he will definitely be available or that we can put together the best package out there, but as much as it may seem there would be an all out bidding war for him I see only 8 or 9 teams that would realistically deal for him and only about 4 or 5 of them can put together a package competitive with ours or better.


So all that said I would suggest offering something as follows:


NJ sends:

Anthony Morrow

Jordan Farmar

Damion James

2011 LAL 1st

Better of our 2012 1st or the Houston 1st


Indiana sends:

Danny Granger


Now 1st I would like to say this wouldn't be my initial offer. We honestly don't have a ton of high level assets left, just a collection of OK ones, so you don't want to A) offer too much, and B) wind up having no way to up our offer if we were initially declined.


Second, I don't love the idea of trading Morrow, he's a great shooter, a solid defender and he actually wanted to sign here, which I respect and appreciate. That said, if he needs to go to get Granger, he must.


Third, I don't know how Indy would feel about this offer, but I think almost any team in the league would love Morrow on his current contract, they could use a young vet with playoff experience and a backup point guard, so Farmar should work, they have a ton of cap space already, so I doubt they want more, they would probably prefer guys like Morrow and Farmar on reasonably small contract for shorter periods. Then they get a solid prospect in Damion James and off course two first round picks.


It might not seem like a great offer at first glance, but I don't think Granger holds much value above say Kevin Martin or Al Jefferson and we have all seen what they have returned in trade.

Then you must look at the other teams that would realistically bid on him and in all reality only a handful can match that offer let alone beat it, depending on what Indy feels about other teams prospects specifically.


I think we have as good a shot as anyone if he does indeed wind up on the block.

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