Deep into the playoffs next year

I'll keep it short, but I think the following moves could possibly get the nets out of the first round in the playoffs.

We need a couple of bigs on the inexpensive side" bring back Kristic and Kmart.  For the hometown discount you get an offensive big and a defensive big.  I have faith in Hump, he had good numbers coming out of college, was just always behind established, good players.  He was getting 17 and 10 as a freshman in the big 10 when he was drafted. Also, I hope the coaching staff sees something in B-Wright -he's 23, so if he can be the player he was supposed to be coming out of college............

Nets should see if they can trade Outlaw to Memphis for Mayo, who is coming off the bench anyway.  Outlaw had more success playing out west and it might be better for all involved if he got back there.  If they don't want the contract, maybe trade Farmar for Mayo.  They can use help at the point and he wont play much with D-Will in town. Nets can keep Gaines and Uz on the cheap!  Mayo can shoot, pass, and gets steals also.  Morrow would be a beast off the bench as that instant offense that can rattle off 3 threes in a row and get us back into a game or extend a lead.

Finally for the wing, you can go for Butler or Chandler for about 10m per.  Butler sounds likes he wants to stay in dallas and thinks they will resign him.  Besides, I think Chandler fits what we need better.  He can shoot, slash and defend the 2,3 and 4 spot, shot blocker.  No one on that that starting unit will be older than 27 yrs and they could be really good for a few years.

Now we match up well with the good teams and they have to worry about us.  Here's how it could look, btw, didn't cost too much either:


PG: D-Will, Gaines, Uzoh (or Farmar, if we can trade Outlaw)

SG: Mayo, Morrow, (Sasha gone), go big lineup at times with Chandler

SF: Chandler, James, B-Wright (hybrid forward) (Outlaw, if Farmar goes)

PF: Hump, Kmart, Chandler, B-Wright

C: BK, Kristic, Petro (we may be stuck with him)


We just got bigger and tougher.  We don't lose any offense at C, keep defense and toughness at PF, the wings can shoot, pass and run with D-Will.  Good defense at the 3.  with the exception of Mayo, all of these guys have played with eachother on various teams.

What do you all think?  we can go far with this line up!  So much for keeping it short.

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