Ten Trades Billy King and co. Should Strongly Consider this Offseason Part I

So the most realistic and accurate rumor(IMHO) was Cleveland was going to send a massive TPE for Rip Hamilton and Detroit's top 5 protected 1st this draft.

So let me preface this with a bunch of if's and a lot of reason...

Please read these circumstances of our situation before flaming this:

First off, we need to acquire another wing, preferably a starter so Morrow can be a super sub or a starter depending on who we trade for and if that player is a 2 guard will Morrow be able to D up small forwards, because he can certainly play the 3 on offense.

2nd, the free agent wings available are going to be flawed and expensive from almost every angle.
Some of them are interesting, but all have heavy cons to weigh with the pros, from the fact they're probably going to cost a lot to the fact none are stars.

3rd, we have few good draft picks or trade assets left outside of pure cap space and my main man Brook to the Lopez who shoot up threads. :wink:

4th, aside from O.J. Mayo there probably aren't going to be a ton of options with high upside and/or instant impact and/or experience that D Will will like.
Danny Granger maybe available, but chances are, even though I personally believe he won't bring back too much in trade, there are probably teams with more attractive packages to offer Indiana then what we can bring to the table.

5th, we need to think for the now and the future and manage the cap.

6xth, there were a few different reports from somewhat dependable major sources that as soon as the draft is close to rolling around when lotto order is established, Cleveland and Detroit are likely to reopen talks as long as Detroit doesn't have a top 3 pick.

7th, this situation must assume we can dump at least Farmar and probably Petro as well and as much as I would hate to deal Morrow, between his great shooting and great fit to the fact he was one of the only actual legitimate free agents who wanted to sign here since Kidd and Carter left, if we could trade him for another high level role player at a different position it might be a plus.

8th, Detroit's pick winds up outside the top 3 and more likely 7th to 8th.

9th, this is all under the assumption the CBA is quite similar.

10th, Rip turned down the trade to Cleveland, including a last minute offer of a huge buyout and the fact a few contenders had strong interest to immediately sign him. This is no BS, it happened.

So without further ado...

Detroit sends:
Rip Hamilton
Their pick(6 through 8)

New Jersey sends:
One big huge TPE.

Now we lose 12 million dollars in cap space, but hear me out.

You have read all the above(well I hope you have!)

Add to that it's my belief the cap will be about $60 million if the CBA stays similar, because league revenue has to be up.

Now, please don't argue that the new CBA will be very different.
I am in no way going to argue with you, none of us know what it will look like, but that's all elaborate speculation at this point and therefore would kill the entire post at hand to discuss and debate, so for arguments sake we are going to go with what we have at hand until we know better.

But, as is, I think this fits really well.

I know we aren't a team on the rebuild and I know Rip is a great fit for a year but has little long term upside, but that rookie could be a stud 6xth man at a position of need and/be a big time future trade chip.

Now there is an argument as to who you take.

IMO, I would take Alec Burks unless the draft goes all crazy and Sullinger or Derrick Williams drops.

If you take Burks, you would probably trade Morrow and change for a front court player of the same ilk on a similar contract.

I just think this is the perfect scenario for the offseason.

We're gonna overspend on free agents likely no matter what, so why not nip it in the butt and get some incentive to do so, plus pick up a gritty vet that needs a change of scenery with that cap room?

Rip is certainly not the player he used to be and has fallen off some, but he's still an above average starter with a ton of playoff experience.
He has become a malcontent, actually an absolute cancer, but this isn't Iverson we're discussing, it's more like a spoiled brat like a homeless man's Kobe, who will shut up and ball out again in the right situation.

He was already fine with coming here in the Melo/Billups trade, I'm sure he'll be cool with this.

If the cap really is that high and we could dump Petro and Farmar, which I think is completely realistic, we wind up spending $15 of the $20 million we had in cap, but then gain about $7 mill in cap, leaving us with about $12 in cap.

We could sign a guy like Nene or Tyson Chandler, or even resign Hump, save a little something something and go forward with a sick lineup and a lot of assets if another blockbuster came up and if not a tone of depth, talent and youth.

Add Dwight and it would be the coup de grace.

Think about it, I think this is almost the picture perfect scenario.

I apologize for the tl;dr Flame away! Lol.

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