Nets Management should..

Please view in wide format if some of the text cuts off.
Give us a reason to watch Nets Basketball

1. Trade or Draft a SF that can SCORE. Scoring seems to be our main problem. This will

be thoroughly explained later.

2. Our offense has been stagnant at times. Switch it up a little

3. Do we really want to see an offense that has Brook posting up from the 3 point

line and Morrow/ Outlaw running the pick and roll?

4.  Morrow should have more plays run for him. He's are only consistent shooter other than

vujajic. Morrow running off of screens would be lovely.

 Improve the Fan Experience 

1. Season Ticket Holders, fans provide energy, and obvious die-hard fans (Netsdailyers)

should all be rewarded free tickets to some games.

2. Change the freaking T-shirt-time guy.(Marco G) LOL. He is worst

Crowd addressor I have ever seen.

3.  Get a drum guy like at the Cleveland Indian games. The Nets should recreate that

same experience at the Rock and Barclays.

4. I recently took my girlfriend to her first nets game last Sunday @ the Pacers. It was

embarrassing; the crowd just wasn't into it. Cut the artificial sounds and

improve real crowd energy. Give the fans that provide energy free tickets to

the home game.

5.  Better soundtracks for the music. I want to hear music that pumps the crowd and the

players. Songs played to get the crowd hyped. I only hear this at the beginning

of the games. Play it after every time out.

6. Hire people in the stands to make some noise. Hire former mascots from colleges,

anyone who can improve the crowd.

7. It doesn't have to be a family experience. This is a basketball game, not a town

fair. College games are so exciting compared to Nets games. It is EMBARRASSING

when the stadium reaches its loudest at t-shirt time.

8.  Get the crowd Towels, not those stupid white long things that make an annoying noise.

I nearly went deaf hearing those.

9.  Get a PA announcer that has a voice that pumps players up. I know from experience

that hearing a cool-ass voice after I score gets me PUMPED.  I don't want to hear dynamite or some bs song

after I score. LOL. Get a PA announcer like the Cavs one. I love hearing

3!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ The Quicken Loans Arena. 

I want that same experience at the Prudential or Barclays.

10.  Get it done Team Proky

·    Improve the product on the floor

1. Travis Outlol cannot handle starting and Damion James has shown me nothing so far.

2. We don't necessarily need a star, but we definitely need a leader. People are

saying of drafting Kyrie Irving...A rookie making this much of an impact is VERY

rare. If we do draft him though, we would be stupid to trade Harris. Hand a 19

year old the keys to an offense?!? I do not care if people say he is the next


3. Draft for BPA not for need. Although both Jones' and Barnes look intriguing. We need\

Talent...Bad. Also we should draft for proven players that can contribute right

away. This team cannot afford another project or a bust. It's now or never for

the Nets. 

4.  We need a player that we can market for Brooklyn.

This is obvious.

5. Don't go for the band-aid like Charlotte.

Please don't.

6.   I trust in Billy King that we will make a trade that will help this team. We have

a ****load of assets. Please make the right decision. 

7. GERALD WALLACE... We should push for him at the trade deadline. Although very 
Injury prone, i believe he is our missing piece. He has all the tools. Defense,
ENERGY, and even those dunks that fans love. He should bring some fans to the 
Rock as long as the Nets show off his dunks. His contract also isnt that bad! 10.5 mil for TWO years!
Trade Murphy and a few picks for Wallace. It's a low risk, high reward trade in my opinion. It might be a 
pipe dream but at least try Billy! 

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