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A lot of people have been bashing Tracy McGrady recently, saying he's nowhere near the player he used to be. This is obviously a true statement, however, from what I saw last night, Tracy McGrady has a lot of game left in him.  Let's look at his statline from last night's win over the Nets.

34 minutes
16 points
4 offensive rebounds
4 defensive rebounds
4 assists
1 steal

Now let's look at Travis Outlaw's statline from last night.

27 minutes
6 points
1 assist
0 rebounds
0 steals
0-3 on 3-pointers

That's pretty pathetic, but now let's look at the annual salary for each player.

McGrady- $854, 389
Oulaw- $7,000,000

That means Outlaw is making OVER 8 TIMES as much money as McGrady. That is insane.  And I know you all know that what we paid Outlaw is ridiculous,  but that's not the point of this Fanpost.

I think we should make a trade for Tracy McGrady. I know he's a SG and that isn't exactly a position of need right now but I think we could use him at SF. He's 6-8 and Outlaw was only an inch taller.  When McGrady is hitting that mid-range jumper, he is pretty unstoppable. And last night he was grabbing offensive boards like it was nobody's business.

We could use that, especially with that salary he has.  I don't know what the trade would be exactly, but I think it would be something like this:

McGrady and Hamilton FOR
Murphy, Petro, James, pick (or maybe you could use Vujacic instead of the pick)

I didn't check this on Trade Machine yet but I'm pretty sure it would work. Let me know what you think.

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