My Opinion On What the Nets Should do this Offseason?

Everyone else seems to be giving their opinion on the topic so I just thought I'd share mine.

Well, first of all we have to look at the draft, which most people think is very weak this year, and I would agree with that.  However, as Billy King said, there are a lot of bigs that will be available late in the first round that will be able to contribute in the NBA. 

NBA Draft Net has these bigs going in the 20s or 30s or below (when I say bigs, I mean 6'9" or taller).

21. Markieff Morris
22. Tristan Thompson
24. Chris Singleton
25, Kyle Singler
28. Tobias Harris
29. Jordan Williams
30. Jajuan Johnson 
33. Jeremy Tyler
35. Rick Jackson
36. Keith Benson
37. Jon Leuer

Most of these guys will probably be around either when we are using the Lakers pick or our 2nd round pick. If I had to single a guy out, it would probably be Singler (haha, I singled Singler out).  It also just so happens that NBA Draft Net has us taking him with the Lakers pick.  I think Singler would be a great pick up for us at SF. Him and James could really battle it out for the backup SF spot.

I say backup SF because we definitely need to pick up a SF in free agency. I'll get to that in a minute, though. 

"Where does leave Travis Outlaw?" you might ask. Well I'll tell ya.  At the end of the bench getting garbage minutes with the rest of the 4th strings.

OK, now on to free-agency:

As I said before, we need to pick up a SF.  Some guys that obviously come to mind would be AK47 or Wilson Chandler, and I'd be fine with both of them (at the right price).  A couple other guys that I'm thinking of off the top of my head would be Josh Howard, Caron Butler (well, probably not), Tayshaun Prince, and Shane Battier.  Any of those guys would quickly be able to come in and fill the starting small forward role.  I'd be fine with any of them.

Next, on to PF's, which is probably more of a position of need than any other.  Again, I'm honestly fine with a lot of guys. Zach Randolph, David West, Kenyon Martin (maybe) would be legitimate starting PF's.

Next up is who we need to resign.

I would say (if we can) resign everyone except Farmar if we can.  Farmar was actually pretty good player this year, and the only reason why I would dump him is because of the play of Ben Uzoh. No, he's not a starting PG, but I think he can definitely handle the 10 minutes ppg that he would play behing Deron. 

I resign Petro just because he's not a terrible backup center and I really don't see any other centers that I would really want backing up Lopez. Resign Humphries because he's a rebounding machine, and while yes, he will cost some money, he's a legitimate backup PF. Vujacic is a good backup SG as well and gives us some championship experience.

If everything goes as planned, we should have a lineuo next year that looks something like this:

PG: D-Will, Uzoh
SG: Morrow, Vujacic
SF: Kirilenko, James, Singler, Outlaw
PF: Randolph, Humphries
C: Lopez, Petro 

Is is a championship contender? No. Is it a top 5 team in the East and good enough to keep Deron in NJ? Probably.

Thoughts on any of this?

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