What I think the Nets should do with their future... (A Must-Read)

we're never gonna with a championship with this lineup:

The reason i say this is because everyone is talking about wanting to sign david west. if we sign david west to a 5 year $50 million contract, we'd be screwed for the next 5 years. hes good, but that lineup would just get 1st maybe 2nd round departures every year. if we sign west to that contract, we cant get howard. the nets need 2 superstars to be title contenders. the nets should tell D-Will that they are going to try to get D12 and maybe convince him to sign an extension. once D-Will is locked, sign howard to a 5 or 6 year max contract. i think they can convince D12 to sign here. and with Brook Lopez, the nets should either do a sign-and-trade with him in the summer of 2012 when we get D-Wight. and if the nets are so confident they can sign howard, they should consider trading him during the 2011-2012 season. we could get some really valuable assets from Brook Lopez, and still be able to sign dwight. so lets say the nets trade brook lopez for someone like oj mayo. oj mayo will get much better. in memphis, he comes off the bench and has no great passers around him. his rookie season he scored 18.5 ppg. and everyone always talks about his crappy fg percentage but last year he actually shot 46% from the field, which is actually pretty good for a wing player that takes so many shots. i think the following lineup is much closer, if not already at a championship contending level than the david west one.

Deron williams
Oj Mayo
Damion James (i think he can be really good)
Kris Humphries (possibly brandan wright if he becomes his potential)
Dwight Howard

And then coming off the bench, the nets would have great shooters, anthony morrow and sasha vujacic and their future draft picks. We just need to find out a way to get rid of travis outlaws contract. if we can get rid of him, we can get even more talent to surround Williams, Mayo, and Howard. And the Nets' defense get so much better with Dwight's presence in the paint. he will block atleast 2-4 shots every single night. which, when you think about it, can be huge. thats atleast 4-8 points the other team doesnt score every game.since defense win championships, if the nets can get rid of travis outlol, they NEED andrei kirelenko! (i dont know how to spell it)He would make this team over the top with his incredible defense and passing. plus, deron williams and andrei kirelenko had ridiculois chemistry over in Utah. There was a season where kirilenko averaged 3 blocks and 2 steals per game. A career 2.0 bpg, and 1.4 stg. That is REALLY. not to , mention his good fg% for a wing player. He does all the small things really well, which is exactly what a championship team and the Nets need. So... after all of these changes, with the following lineup, the Nets are, without a doubt in my mind, a championship contender.

Deron Williams
OJ Mayo
Andrei Kirilenko
Kris Humphries/a blossomed brandan Wright
Dwight Howard

This, without a doubt, is an immediate chamionship contending team. This team has everything, amazing passing,(williams, kirilenko)the best rebounder in the league,(Dwight Howard)the best shot blocker in the league,(Dwight Howard) a great wing defender,(Andrei Kirilenko) incredible shooting off the bench,(Morrow, Vujacic) 20+ point scorers,(williams, mayo, howard) and deep playoff experience.(williams, howard, farmar, kirilenko)This would be perfect because this roster would play their first game, in the Nets new arena in Brooklyn. so... if I were the Nets GM, this is what I would try to do. This would fulfill Mikhail Prokhorov's prophecy of a championship team within 5 years.


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