Examining every 2011 free agent possibility

We need to upgrade in order to keep Deron Williams here.  And not after next season, after THIS season.  I imagine Williams wants to win next year.  And with relatively low assets left, making another major trade is not likely.  So let's examine all the significant free agent possibilities.  Rankings are my own and not very well thought out, so don't flip out if i forgot someone or screwed up a ranking.

1) Tim Duncan (Early Terminatino Option): Duncan, while a great player and a class act, is staying in San Antonio and is probably not worth heavy pursuing, as he would not be a part of the Nets future.

2) David West (ETO): West is a scoring Power Forward who could be a nice fit for the Nets.  The only issue is that his new contract could cripple the Nets cap space for 2012 and the Fight for Dwight.  However, West would drastically improve the Nets and might be worth the $$.

3) Nene (ETO): Nene is an inside banger with phenomenal FG%, who could complement Brook well operating from the PF spot.  The issue with him is the same as with West, however.  I believe one of these would be worth it, would probably keep Deron and we could get creative in a S&T for Dwight.

4) Tony Parker (Unrestricted Free Agent): Parker's not going anywhere and PG is certainly not a need.

5) Zach Randolph (UFA): Z-Bo is immensely talented and a great rebounder.  However, he's a bit crazy and would not fit the Nets' personality.  Don't get me wrong, I like Z-Bo, just don't think he's a great fit with all the $$$ he'd demand.

6) Marc Gasol (Restricted Free Agent): Gasol is a nice player, but is probably not leaving and will command $$, not to mention that he plays center, a position we don't need unless it's Dwight.

7) Jamal Crawford (UFA): Good scorer, but will be expensive and a bit of a chucker.  Don't really like him, nice player but I have a kind of irrational dislike for him.  Could be a good fit, however.

8) Jason Richardson (UFA): Richardson is a great shooter and might be a nice role player for the Nets, also will bring veteran presence and a relatively cheap contract.  Good fit here.

9) Carl Landry (RFA): Carl is an undersized PF with nice scoring ability, similar to Paul Millsap, could actually be a nice fit, a cheaper West.  However, he's restricted, may be matched.  

10) Wilson Chandler (RFA): Chandler can score points in bunches and in many ways, but he may be a tad overpriced due to his inflated D'Antoni stats.  Still, would be a great addition to the Nets. 

11) Andrei Kirilenko (UFA): Andrei could be nice for the Nets.  Good defender, can score a little, Russian.  I like him and he would be a nice addition.

12) Mo WIlliams (ETO): NO NO NO

13) Jeff Green (RFA): Green probably won't resign to be a bench player in Boston, and I doubt they match a big offer if he signs a big deal.  However, Green doesn't rebound particularly well and his D is nothing to write home about, his 3-point shot is also a little overrated.  Don't love him.

14) Caron Butler (UFA): Butler can score a little bit, however a little selfish and has been hurt.  

15) Glen Davis (RFA): BIg Baby is big and strong, but he literally cannot get off the ground.  Not good enough to start in the future, too expensive (and good) to accept a bench role.


So, what I get coming away from all of this: The Nets need a scoring PF, and there are West, Nene, Landry sitting right there.  Also, scoring wings are there too: Chandler, JRich, Crawford.  So the Nets will improve.  

But who exactly do you think the Nets should sign?  

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