Deron Williams said next year is the key to his resigning...

So what do we have to do to succeed next year and keep Deron? Here is what I would do.

First of all, let me just say that it's not very likely we get Dwight Howard, unless we do some major winning next year, in which case we wouldn't have cap room to sign him.

The Moves that are necessary to keep Deron Williams with the Nets..

1) Sign David West to a five year, 50 million dollar deal.  This is a fair deal for West as he has scored 19 PPG with 7.7 RPG this year.  Comparable to Luis Scola who signed a slightly lesser contract.

West is a great player and can do a little bit of everything, decent jumpshot, rebounder, scorer overall.  He would give the Nets the third offensive threat they need, and it's a fair deal because we don't need the space for Dwight, he ain't coming here.

2) Sign Andrei Kirilenko to a 2 year, 15 million dollar deal.  Kirilenko plays great D, scores a little, and spreads the global icon of the Nets.  

3) Sign Anthony Parker to a cheap deal.  Good shooter and wing defender, could be a solid role player.

3) Resign Sasha Vujacic and let Kris Humphries walk.  I know, I know, Hump had a great year, but he has no offensive game, and I doubt he has another year like this.  This is also more reasonable seeing who I am picking in the draft.  This should just about eat up the cap space.  The NBA Draft should go as follows:


1) Kenneth Faried, PF, Morehead State with the Laker pick: Faried is a tenacious, tenacious rebounder, could replace Hump admirably and cheaply.  Would be a great piece for this Net team.

2) Buy another late first/early second and use it to take Kyle Singler, SF, Duke.  He brings great intangibles along with a solid jump shot and size.

3) Use the Nets own second rounder to take: Keith Benson, C, Oakland: Benson has dominated bad competition, but also played well against power conference teams this year.  He has good size and athleticism and has the potential to back up Brook.  








I am pumped for the future.  Post your own offseason too please, we can compare.

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