Thank You, Mikhail Prokhorov


Let's face it, almost everyone must be feeling disappointed now, we wanted 'Melo at all costs, overpricing him or not, just getting him would have been a win for us after two-three difficult seasons.


I used to play in a team which had me and 3 other young guys who could really be good players in our (amateur) league. We had won the Under-20 league going 18-0, and yet, none of us could be a superstar (in this league). We spoke to the team officials. We needed some more players to help us young players get over the top. We never got those. We always were a good team, but we never won. The team always hoped things could solve themselves on their own.

Intervention is key.

Let's be positive.

We have an owner who's fully committed to the team. Can't we see it? We know that every time someone who can help the team is available, Prokhorov will instruct the team to make a pitch for him, and spend some of his money if necessary. We're luckier than half of the teams in the NBA - we've got an owner committing himself to winning.

While right now our record isn't the most attractive, let's face it, Kidd was right, until Brooklyn Arena is up - no one will be here. However, even if it take another 2 years, this team is bound to be good - because the owner wants the team to be good. Most of the NBA good teams are good teams simply because the owner is willing to spend money and win. Since Prokhorov has been owning this team (7 months?) we have made a move for 4 superstars. We didn't get any, true, but we now know that no legit superstar will be available without our team trying hard, going far, in order to get him.

Superstars will be available. Right now, we're just thinking about Paul, Williams and Howard. Who knows, in a couple of years it could be Griffin, Rose, Durant, or Lebron. You'll never know. It could be the draft, it could be a sudden improvement of one of our players. Who knows. We know one thing - when someone is available, the Nets will try to get him.

And for this, I thank Billy King, I thank Avery Johnson, and I thank Mikhail Prokhorov.

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