The Melo Image

I think pretty much everyone suspected that the Nets would eventually jump back into the Melo talks..

Everybody knows this trade was so disastrous because of how Billy King handled it. I don't know if Carmelo would or wouldn't sign that extension, but he made the Nets look stupid by pushing so hard to complete the trade.

Denver wants the best young talent and draft picks they can get. 1, they want Derrick Favors, and 2 they want a high draft pick in this year's draft. If they think lowly of Derrick Favors, they might even want something else, maybe Damion James or Anthony Morrow. They are probably going to ask for at least two draft picks, depending on the package of players they get offered.

The reason the Nuggets had to wait until the deadline is that if the Nets keep losing, their draft pick will be in a better position. We're 56 games into the season- if the Nuggets make the trade tomorrow and the Nets become a much better team, they could at least win 13 of those next 26 games. Suddenly the Nets have a 30-52 record, and a pick that doesn't have much chance of sneaking into the Top 3.

They also had to wait because of the same problem we have in New Jersey- attendance. Don't forget, the Denver Nuggets were the team in the 90's that had the worst attendance in basketball, year after year. They know if they don't get a star in return they will be in the same position Jersey is now, except with no Brooklyn to look forward to.

I do believe the Nets can get Melo, and that it is worth it to acquire this guy. Let's get fans excited about Brooklyn, let's get some Newark fans in the building for what are practically free tickets, there's a basketball game tonight that's pretty much free right near you!

I think he will sign the extension. When Avery and Mike Prokhorov meet with Melo, (hopefully without the bumbling BK) they are going to need to impress him. Everybody's blaming Melo for these past few months, but Denver never agreed on anything and Melo has no idea what is going to be awaiting him in Brooklyn.

The meeting with Melo needs to make him see how insane the Brooklyn stadium is going to be, how the hip hop influence of Jay Z is going to liven up the games and bring a fresher, more intense atmosphere (I can only hope). Show him a video of Brook nailing every conceivable kind of shot, and point out to him that if he was a 2nd option, he'd have even more looks. Point out that Kris Humphries only plays 25 minutes a game, and show him games where he has exceeded that and consistently put up 12 and 12 numbers. And he'll still have a great point guard, either with the attacking Devin Harris, who can hit circus shots and wiggle around a defense, or Andre Miller, who plays the kind of deliberately paced, steady half-court game that would fit right into Avery and Melo's kind of play.

Show him that you can get to the Atlantic Ave. station straight from Manhattan, on the 2 and the 4- he can live in Manhattan or Brooklyn but either way he will be close to his home court. Give him a preview of the new logos or uniforms (I'm sure we'll have both,) or some new mock-ups of the arena. 

Carmelo Anthony knows as much as we do about Brooklyn. That is, not very much, just that the owner says that lots of people live there and they'll be sure to come to the games, and that the arena will be state of the art. If the Nets can show him more, I think they can get him.

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