Seriously, everybody needs to just relax. I was reading the other thread about Chandler to the Knicks and so many people were just flipping out and being more pessimistic than killa (I'm playing with ya).

"Oh noes, Chandler to the Knicks! We're screwed!"

"Nene is signing with Denver! Oh noes!"

"CP3 is going to the Knicks who are now amazingly amazing! Oh noes!"

"Billy King is terrible!"

That's pretty much what I've been seeing (a little exageration on the last one). Is Chandler that important that we all need to start crying on how we can't get him? On how the Knicks may overpay him? He isn't Melo, like what happened last year. Is free agency really going to determine what will happen to the Nets. If you honestly think that, well, I won't say anything.

You guys need to chillax, its not even actually free agency. Who cares if Chandler goes to the Knicks? Who cares if we strike out completely on free agency? The free agency wasn't even that big. If Chandler and Nene are your hopes and dreams for this team, you need to rethink this. We struck out last year, and the year before. And look what happened, we landed arguably one of the best PG in the league. And who brought us this? Billy King. So many of you are ready to start bashing Billy King. "He's just sitting on his butt while the Knicks are being proactive and signing players." Guess what people, BK may have bigger plans. BK is the man who brought us frikin Deron Williams, do you think he's going to just let him slip through our hands and leave to Dallas or LA or wherever? NO! Of course not! Just trust the man and I assure you something good will come out of it.

And what is this crap about, "Of course, we struck out, same team as last year guys! Dwill is out of here!" Are you serious? The only people we were actually looking to get were bigs and a SF. We miss out on 2 bigs, (who would really only replace Hump) and now were stuck with the same team? FREE AGENCY HASN'T EVEN STARTED! There are other players that haven't found a team yet that we can try to pry away or sign. Are you kidding me? Same team as last time... really? You do realize we can still trade right? We have the ability to swap players with other teams... its incredible! It's like the next sliced bread! Not only that, THERE ARE STILL PLAYERS WHO ARE AVAILABLE! Whoaaaa! How exciting! Do you really want overpaid average players on this team? Hasn't Outlaw already shown you that we shouldn't? C'mon guys.

Honestly some people here are acting like if we don't get anyone good in comparison to the players in this yers free agency we're doomed and kiss Dwill good-bye. I understand that it could be frustrating to see the players we hoped were coming here are going to our rivals but really? Relax. It's not the end of the Nets nor Dwill. Trust BK. He knows what he is doing. If we don't score in free agency, expect something to happen during the season.

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