My thoughts on Chicago

I went on the Bulls blogsite and they scoffed at the idea that Brook Lopez and two first round picks were valuable enough to get Dwight. Now, granted, only a straight up LBJ DH12 trade is feasibly fair, but our assets are by no means terrible. Now I'm gonna go on record here that I'm a bit biased, but at least I'm realistic.

1) The Noah, Deng, Boozer combination DOES NOT blow our rumored offer out of the water.

All three are are probably better than Lopez at the moment, but only because they play in a system that works perfectly for their talents. If you gave either of the three the keys to the team, then you'd see their flaws.

The Nets trade on the other hand allows them to clear cap room and rebuild completely, the Magic would be stupid to trade him to the Bulls

2) Any trade scenario involving the three are bad for the Bulls and the Magic

Like I said before, their value lies in their role in the team, so they will suck if they play for the Magic. Also, Noah is set to get paid 10M+ next year, so the Magic will go deeper into Cap Hell. Plus these players are good enough to keep the Magic in the playoffs, but will never push them past the 2nd round. So, NO MAGIC, don't do it.

Secondly, Dwight is valuable for his defense, and post play, something that Boozer and Noah, already give the Bulls, not only will the swap slow them down because of chemistry issues, it would virtually make no difference. Now if the trade was Deng and Noah, then this would be even worse for the Bulls, because they lose a very underrated wing defender and scorer in Deng, (who in my opinion, should take away some of the Rose's credit from the MVP, and it should be given to Howard). Also, both Howard and Boozer's production will drop, because they bring the same thing to the table for the Bulls. Furthermore, the Bulls lose the only competent defense they have against Wade and Lebron.

3) Obviously it takes us out of the running for Howard.

4) Quite frankly I hate the Bulls, I'd rather Howard stay in the Magic (or even the Knicks) than go to the Bulls.

5) Although on a positive note, a Rose Howard combo would do wonders for Adidas.

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