Not to worry Nets fans. We still have Dwight.

I know what you might be thinking. That I once again have either gone off my meds or gone off the deep end. I now obviously have to concede that a deal won't get done until Brook is back. On the surface, and at first hearing about this, this is devastating news, but i'm here to tell you rationally why we still will end up with Dwight:

We are his #1 choice. I'm not saying he wouldn't stay with the Lakers if they made a trade for him, but we all have heard that we are his #1 choice because of Deron and the move to Brooklyn. I've even seen that said on here by other users.

The Lakers still have to give up Pau and Bynum. I've heard this stuff about the Lakers now giving up less. To me, that is absurd. Why would the Magic get LESS for him than what they first wanted? Isn't the whole idea of them ''supposedly''(well, now they are) hanging on to him until the deadline so they can get the best possible deal for him? I doubt the Lakers do it, anyway. If you remember, we heard reports that they had conceded to us(I think it was on the ESPN NBA Special). That might change now, but Jerry Buss loves Bynum.

Speaking of Bynum, he's suspended the first 5 games due to that flagrant foul in Game 4 against Dallas last year. So now, he's injury-prone and has a suspension on his resume. Not exactly the type of center you want to build around.

BK is the master of the multi-team deals. It was always going to be a 3 or 4 team deal, anyway. Obviously, even if Brook is fine come the deadline, we still have to get 1 or 2 more teams involved. Another point i've heard on here that hasn't been brought up enough is that Western Conference teams will help us out to keep Dwight away from the Lakers, assuming he doesn't get traded there.

Dan Fegan. Most of you know what I think of him and what he's doing, but remember, if Otis or ownership is thinking of sending Dwight anywhere else or considering letting this go to FA, Fegan will be all over them. I won't state my other reasons on him, since they're pretty well-known on here already.

Our draft picks. If they weren't attractive enough already, they went up in value even more with Brook being hurt. In a loaded draft, that will be hard to turn down.

Now for my last 2 points:

BK and Otis talk often. I don't know this, nor do I now think they talk every day like they did before, but even with Brook's injury and Dwight's desire to come here, BK probably checks in to see what they want once Brook is back, and to see if they're softening at all. Probably also checks in to see where they are in terms of the Lakers, which leads me to:

The Lakers are not the same. Kobe has an injury + off-court issues that will play out in a public way, Bynum's out for a week or so, they have NO PG, and Mike Brown is now the coach. I know Dwight may think of LA in the glossy, center-oriented way, but he(and Fegan) know it's a rapidly declining situation. Additionally, CP3 and Griffin now cast a bigger shadow than before, so the Lakers are not going to dominate LA as they once did.

In the end, we have to trust in what Dwight, the media and others have to say regarding him wanting to be here. This franchise has been through so much, and if any organization deserves a break, it's us. If the Clippers can have their PG and big man of the future, so can we. I think for once, it all works out. Consider me a ray of hope for the future. Dwight will be a Net.

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