Everyone is undervaluing the impact Dwight Howard would make.

The title pretty clearly states how I feel about this "Dwightmare." Which I think is a perfect name for whats going on, because this is a dreadful experience for me with all the Dwight rumors. Anyway, anybody who thinks we should give up on pursuing Dwight Howard is severely underestimating the type of impact Dwight would have on the franchise. If the Nets succeed and hit the jackpot by acquiring Howard, they would instantly become one of the top teams in the east along with Chicago and Miami and a lock for a top 4 seed.

If the MVP award were taken literally, I think he should be a perennial winner of the award, as he is the most valuable player to his team. Remember that he took the Orlando Magic to the finals two years ago. He was surrounded by barely any talent.

Lets compare the Magic finals team with out Howard to the projected Nets lineup after a possible Howard trade. The Nets roster is based off a trade that would look like Howard, Turkoglu, Duhon for Lopez and however many 1st rounders. But we would also have to trade Petro and Farmar somewhere, maybe Orlando, to be able to afford Turkoglu with the recent Hump signing.

2009 Orlando Magic roster:

PG- Jameer Nelson/Rafer Alston/Anthony Johnson/Tyronn Lue

SG- Courtney Lee/JJ Redick/Jeremy Richardson

SF- Hedo Turkoglu/Mickael Pietrus

PF- Rashard Lewis/Tony Battie

C- Marcin Gortat/Adonal Foyle

2012 New Jersey Nets roster:

PG- Deron Williams/Chris Duhon/Sundiata Gaines

SG- Anthony Morrow/Marshon Brooks

SF- Hedo Turkoglu/Shawne Williams/Damion James

PF- Kris Humphries/Shelden Williams/Jordan Williams

C- Shelden Williams?/Some cheap FA signing

In my opinion, the Nets roster is clearly head and shoulders above the Magic's 2009 finals roster. So the talent around Dwight would be much better than in Orlando. And the Nets roster is without any additional moves that would be made, and before and free agent singings. Players will come and play for us for a cheaper price as well, just like many have done with the Heat. Before I continue, I would just like to say that I am a believer in Marshon Brooks. I think he will be a great wing scorer for the Nets.

Offense and scoring is only half of the game of basketball and half of Howard's package. His interior and defensive presence changes the other team's entire offensive game plan. He is by far the best defensive player in the league, and it's not even close. Winning back-to-back-to-back defensive player of the year awards. Howard would still be an elite player if he were only allowed to play defense. I'm just trying to show how big of an impact he has on the defensive side alone.

People here on Netsdaily have been saying that a Dwight Howard trade would barely make us a better team, and I could not disagree more so I thought I should say something and put my opinion out there. Comments, feedback, and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I'm out!

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