Let's take a look at some interesting Nets ..

Let's forget all the rumors surrounding Dwight, AK47 and also Kris Humphries and let's take a look at what we have already. Like Avery Johnson once said, we're going to work with what we have."

Deron Williams. One of the best, if not, the best point guard in the league. Can provide you with 20 and 10 almost every night and can post up the small guards easily with his brute strength and muscle. A great shooter and can lead a team to a great run and also to the playoffs. He was the leader of a great Jazz team a few years back. Billy King provided us with a miracle the day right after we lost out on Melo. Great Pickup, If healthy, he will dominate on the basketball court.

Anthony Morrow. Best shooter in the league? (Next to Ray Allen) Can make any shot in any spot? Can stretch the floor? Is loved by Deron Williams due to the ability that he can make any shot. Anthony Morrow is A-Money or ATM anything you want to call him. Anthony Morrow is a great player and it will take a lot for Billy King to let go of this guy. He is a great value and a great trade asset.

Damion James. Most improved player of the year? Give him a shot. I honestly think he can pull it off. We weren't able to see much of him last year butthe things we have seen from him is shane battier material with the ability to drive. He needs to work on his jumper though. A great player and is always focused on starting the offense with defense. He's fast, athletic, and determined. I like him.

Shelden Williams. The LandLord is at it again with another team. He provides you with a BIG body. He can give you rebounds and he will fight defensively for the rock. He can't score naturally like Deron but he can grab those garbage points at times. I like him better as a reserve for the center or a power forward. I don't see him starting.

Brook Lopez. He is, in my opinion, the 2nd best center in NBA. The greatest footwork from a center since Olajuwon. Can hit from 18-20 feet with ease. Can post up and put up easy numbers there as well. Will provide a lot of scoring from the center positon. A franchise type player. A player to build around. Lopez can rebound and will this season. In his first preseason game he outplayed his opposing mate who was Tyson Chandler, with 15 and 11. Tyson had 4 and 4. Lopez also had 5 blocks. A more agressive Lopez this year might mean playoffs for the Nets...

MarShon Brooks. The guy can put the ball in the basket. Heck, they call The next Kobe Bryant. That's all you need to know about him. He can hit shots from 3 and beyond. He's a great addition to a nets team that ranked 28th in scoring last year. He scored 10 points his first game and was "nervous" He is quoted saying " I feel as if I can make a shot over anyone." Is that confidence or what? I really like this kid and I hope he turns out to be one of the biggest steals in NBA history. I say 12 pts off the bench for him.(Unlesswe trade A-Mo)

Jordan Farmar. I love seeing Farmar racing down the court to pop a three and swish it in and hear the NETS P.A. announcer JORDAN FARMAR for 3 !! Jordan showed us that he is a starting quality point guard in this league. He can start in many teams in this league. Like the Heat? Like the Hornets? He has a great I.Q. and always knows what he is doing. Great man to come off the bench as well.

Jordan Williams. I never seen him play/film so I can't really critizise or judge. I heard he is an upgrade from Josh Boone though.

Sundiata Gaines. Provides Instant energy as soon as he steps on the court. I really like him and his story.Im glad he finally got a contract. I really hope he supports us with great depth at pg and also he makes Jordan Farmar a valuable trade asset...

Ime Udoka. Again, at least he is an upgrade then Stephen Graham. He can actually make a shot.

Shawne Williams. Stats don't lie, the kid can shoot. He can also play a lot of defense. He's gooing to stretch the floor and maybe become a stretch 4. We'll wait and see.

Dennis Horner. IMPRESSIVE. Looked as calm as a butterfly flying in the sky. No worries at all from this kid. He gave it his all and now has impressedmany coaches and players. Hope he gets signed.

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