In BK I Trust, and So Should You (Updated)

Nene is gone. Chandler is gone. Some other players are gone. Who did we end up with? Shelden Williams (I never even heard of him before this) and Ime Udako (He hasn't even played for a few years!). What does this mean? Season over? Billy King should get fired? Dwight will never come here? Especially since the Lakers now pose a threat?


I see nothing wrong with what happened. We didn't sign any major free agents, whoop-de-doo. I don't know King's reasons for not getting Nene earlier when he was available for a week. Maybe you guys do. Most probably you don't (unless it's been announced) but I'm assuming Nene stayed there for the money (he got more money then we could have even offered)

But let's put that all aside. This is not the time to not trust the system. To not believe Billy King knows what he is doing. To just quit on the Nets all together. Last year, something special happened. Something none of us would have never suspected, except maybe one or two. We got Deron Williams. Who got us Deron Williams? Billy King. Who drove up the Knicks offer to obtain Melo? Billy King. Sure now they have a pretty good offensive team, now they added a few mroe players they may even play some defense. This isn't about the Knicks though, this is about the Nets. Are you going to quit on King just for this? Just for not overpaying for a few players in a far less than stellar free agency? Sure we may have missed out on Nene, but is that enough to have us quit on King? The sad part of life and humans in general is that it seems to take just one act to lose faith in a person, but countless good actions to recover that faith. It's not time to call for Billy's head. We win some, we lose some. Unfortunately for us, we seemed to lose a lot over the pass few years. Which is my next point.

Over the last few years, we as Nets fans have experienced several "disappointing" events. The 12-win season, the losing out on LeBron, the losing out on Melo, the signing of Outlaw, and a 24-win season. How bad is this free-agency in compared to all of those? Not even close. Out of the 6 spots in ranking these events, this one is number 7. It was just a free-agency. No superstar players. No players that deserved max contracts. No players that we even absolutely needed (based on how much they got from the other team). 4 years, $56 mil for Chandler? Nope. 5 years 67+ million for Nene? Don't need it. There isn't much to be mad about. Unless of course you thought we were going to get Dwight Howard...

The battle for Dwight Howard has at times leaned clearly in our favor. There's been claims that he pretty much said "Trade me to New Jersey, I want to play with Deron Wiliams." And there were times where he seemed to be giving the Magic another chance, "I would like to play with Billups." (when he was a free agent). But were you really expecting a deal to be done soon? Were you expecting to obtain a Top 10 player so easily, so smoothly, without any disturbances? Just trade Lopez, 2 1st rounders, send in Farmar and take in Hedo's contract we'll get him? Right? NO. The Magic are not going to part with Howard so easily. They going to wait it out. Try one last year to show him that they can compete with the best. And if they fail, ok, just drive up the price for other teams to get him. They're running out of time to get him. But what if we get a 3rd team involved? That should work right? Do you really think other teams would WANT Dwill-Howard tandem? Do you think they don't realize how dangerous it would be? If they are ever part of this deal, I think they would want more than they should respectively have. And honestly, that isn't even worth it, not even for Howard.

Not even for Howard you say? Not even for another Top 10 player in the league? No, gutting your team is not worth it. And here's why. Miami has shown that even with the top players in the league, if there is not depth in your roster, it's not going to matter. Dallas showed that. They have amazing depth. Sure it helps to have a Top 10 player on you team. Of course it could ride us to the title. But have you even thought about how much worse our bench would be, even compared to Miami? We couldn't close out games last year. Losing Lopez, Farmar, Morrow, some first rounders will deplete any depth we had in this team. As of now, I believe our team is lined up as

Deron Williams / Jordan Farmar / Sudiante Gaines

MarShon Brooks / Anthony Morrow (don't know who will start)

Damion James / Ime Udoka / Stephen Graham

Shelden Williams / Jordan Williams

Brook Lopez / Johan Petro

OH MY! What a terrible roster! We won't even be getting the 8th seed with that team!

^Major sarcasm

Have you all forgotten what the record of the 8th seed was in the East? Have you all forgotten how we got so hyped because we were so close to obtaining it, believing Dwill could lead the way? Let me remind you: Indiana, 8th seed37-45. That's a 0.451 winning percentage. Are you doubting Dwill's ability to do that? His ability to lead a team with a hyped up rookie, and lights out 3 point shooter, a revamped and recovered Center, and a possibly returning double-double machine? All we need is a winning record close to .500 to get into the playoffs. Sign me some Humphries to a one or two-year deal (To those saying he only played hard b/c it was his contract year) and maybe do a minor trade to upgrade SF if you want. We have already amnestied one the anchor on our team (Travis Outlaw) and now have added a one-year contract to Ime Udoka, most likely to help mentor this young group of players. Possibly to fill the cap but more likely to help Damion develop. With that said, this team, is undoubtedly, a playoff contender.

But OH NO! Deron Williams wants championships not playoffs remember? He's not patient enough to wait a few years to compete. He wants now! No, YOU guys want now. I am 100% positive that if King explains it will take maybe one or 2 extra years to be contenders, he will understand. We have two picks in a stacked draft, where the #15 pick would be like a lotto pick in another draft. No man is stupid enough to leave a team just because they are not instant contenders if he knows the path we are set on. Who knows, maybe King will sign another superstar to help speeden the journey. Maybe it really is Dwight, maybe it's someone else. Who knows. But for right now, I believe in this team. I believe in our players. I believe in our staff. And I believe in Billy King.

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