So, no love for the Nets?

What's the big deal Orlando isn't dealing Dwight for the time being? We may have struck out on free agency but I'm still optimistic we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually.

*We have a way better offensive version of Dwight in Brook, he's played injured for the past season and I'm not giving up on him entering conversations as the second best big on the NBA after Dwight, he's talented as hell and should be our go to player. Pairing him with Deron for a full season will also do wonders for him, remember he's also said Brook is as talented as any other big he's played before. That being said I'm looking for a Nets starting duo on the All Star Weekend, if there's one.

*I don't want to place high expectation on this Marshoon kid but watching his skill-set, he just has all the tools to become a go-to player and quite possibly a star but, for now he could just be an energy guy, improve and be an important piece in reaching the playoffs.

*Damion James is a guy who's been off the radar for a while and I couldn't see much of his play last season due to injuries but, he plays with energy and effort and is big defensively, that alone assures him playing time. He also knows how to score in volumes so I'm eager to learn what he can provide to the offense.

*Outlaw looks like he's going nowhere and, if that's the case, why not give him a second chance? He can't get worse and he's vowed to produce more and knows he's crap right now, he's still young and can bounce back. Avery may as well just give him playing time as we don't have many options.

*Also we have Deron to lead these guys and show the way to glory, you all now leadership can do wonders as was the case with garbage players like Mikky Moore, Bostjan Nachbar and Krystic playing with JKidd.

The best case scenario for me is Dwight plays a full season in Orlando, leaves in the offseason, then pair himself with Deron and Brook Lopez, which would make the Nets instant contenders. Championship teams have dominant bigs and a Brook and Howard combo would most certainly be the best combination of big men in a long time.

This is not a troll :-), just a very optimistic fan speaking his mind. Hoping for a playoff berth this season, been a long time.

Go Nets!

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