Star Power

If you've ever played a Mario Brothers Nintendo game before, you know that touching a star will induce a brilliant light show on your skin and make you completely invincible. (Don't make me get into mushrooms..) Without getting too deeply into it, the Nets are trying to get that funkadelic feeling going with TWO super stars, a dancing-cheering-winning party with Deron Williams and Dwight Howard at the controls. 

And so we've all been looking for each and every clue that Dwight Howard is looking towards Brooklyn. There was the twitter log of Dwight's trip to BK. There was the Russian interview in which Dwight says the guys he'd most like to play with are 'Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Anthony Morrow' (I forget the other one, or two). There is the open questioning he has been doing about whether he can leave Orlando without being disloyal to the franchise that drafted him. 

Now, without further ado, here comes the latest, GREATEST reason that Dwight Howard is coming to the Nets.

Drum roll, please! *Drum Roll*

OK, it's not that great. In fact, it's wildly, stupidly, inconceivably speculative. Roll with me here. 

This is Dwight Howard's new Adidas shoe. Ooo, shiny, right?. Magic colors, white, blue, gray, it's even got snow in the blue ovals near the sole. A shoe worthy of Superman, definitely. But worthy... of THE NETS????????

Here in this Dime article, a completely unremarkable fact about these shoes is stated:

The adiPower Howard will launch in the white/grey/blue colorway on Thursday, Nov. 3, and drop in two additional colorways – black/black on Nov. 10 and black/white/blue on Dec. 1.

Dec 1, coincidentially, the date Dwight Howard will undoubtedly be traded to the Nets. Why do I think this? Here is my crack pot, 100% right theory. The Nets new colors will be.. BLACK. WHITE. BLUE. Jay Z's got a blue album. Jay Z has got a black album. What's the only color that would look reasonably good with blue and black? White. Dwight Howard purposely had Nike give him a shoe color that he could wear when he got to the Nets. You think he's going to play in some white, gray and blues? HELL NAW, SON. 

So yeah, proof positive. Thoughts?

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