What the Nets Starting Lineup should look like

The following will be probably not go over well. After reading an article on, about a paper written about chemistry within the team, I decided to create what I think the Nets starting lineup should look like based on the ideas in the article. Basically the article states that the current idea of fielding a team of the 5 best available players might not always be the best thing. The Big Three in Miami might not actually be the best way of winning a championship. They say that a players skill should be based relative to the other players on the team. Chris Bosh was a great player on Toronto, but significantly worse on the Heat. What changed? The players around him, he meshed better with the other players, and the game plan in Toronto than he does in Miami. So I decided what I believed would a good Lineup to field.


Center: Nene

Nene provides a great scorer he lead the league in both FG% and Effective FG% having the interior offense would be key


PF: Kris Humphries

One thing Nene doesn't provide is rebounds, the best way to compliment him? Provide him with someone who does. Kris is actually one of the best rebounders in the game grabbing 22.1% of the availble rebounds, 2nd highest in the league, notably higher Dwight Howard himself. Kris also provides an interior D placing in the top 20 for Block %.


SF: Travis Outlaw


Yes, you read that right. While I do feel he is EXTREMELY overpayed right now. The one thing you can't do in basketball is turn the ball over, and one thing (probably the only thing) Outlaw does well is keep posession of the ball. He turned the ball over 8.1 times per 100 plays which was 6 lowest in league last year.


SG: Anthony Morrow

In order for Kris and Nene to truly wreak havoc inside you need to spread out the D, and the only way to do that is to have an outside threat. Morrow is just that. Making 42.3% of his 3-points, good enough for 10th in the league, Morrow led the Nets last year, and would probably do it again this year if there wasn't this nuclear winter.


PG: Jason Kidd


I know the whole point of this is to create a team with people who aren't considered superstars, but Kidd just fits this team perfectly, actually I think Kidd fits perfectly with any team. He provides a veteran leadership lacking in this lineup, he can help Morrow spread the D by becoming a second deep threat. He adds a perimeter D aspect that Morrow doesn't provide, and is good at distributing the ball. Kidd in my opinion fits perfectly with this starting 5.



While it may not look like it, I think this could be a playoff team.

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