Which Side Is Right? (New Poll)

The NBA Lockout - pretty much a stalemate between the owners and players. But who do you agree with?

Honestly, I'm not really sure whose side I'm on, I just want the season started. Lemme see if I can breakdown the "For" reasons and the "Against" reasons of each side of the argument

Players Side

For - These are the people who drive the popularity rating and everything. Fans watch for these players, not the owners. Some players don't even make a million a year. The owners wants them to drop from a 57% revenue from last year to 50% this year. I'm not good with this revenue stuff but that is a boat load of money. The players are already willing to go down to 53%, why make em lose even more money? The players make a lot less money than the owners anyway.

Against- Their greedy. They are willing to lose 2 weeks of the season (for now) so that they get 53% revenue instead of 50%. Also, they are clearly stubborn. Losing 2 weeks of the regular season will (according to another poster, I forget who, sorry)  would take them a few years just to make up the amount of money lost. Like, seriously? Why lose money when you want to win the argument that is supposedly trying to get you money?  They make millions playing a game! Do they know what people would do to be in that position? Stop complaining about the money, they make enough for their job already. And why are they saying this is for the next generation? There's a 7-year out-clause situated in the deal so they can opt out of the 10-yr deal. That's not a new generation. Players usually play around 10-15 years. There are going to be players who saw the old CBA, this new CBA, and possibly the CBA after that. They aren't doing this for the next generation. They are doing this for now.


Owners Side

For - The owners are as important to the league as the players. Without owners, this league could not exist.  Sure they make billions but they've lost profit from the last CBA and are willing to stake an equal share of revenue. They don't think they are more important than the players, they are just as important, based on the split they want. The players make millions playing a game on television that they love. The owners have to worry about the players, salaries, sales, and other stuff. They deserve more than what they are getting.

Against - The owners are greedy. They could most likely make a profit with the deal the players are making, a 53-47 split. The owners are supposed to be smart. They can manage to make a profit on that. AND THEY MAKE BILLIONS. Not just millions, but billions! How much money do you want? The players lose alot more when they lose 9% because they have 100x less money than the owners. A few weeks lost won''t affect them as much as the players and they know it. They are so selfish. And the owners are not even that important. People watch the players, not the owners. 


If I made any mistakes in my rants on the sides, just correct me. Don't go ragin on me. I don't know the most about the lockout and this is just what I gathered from listening about the lockout.

As requested, there will be a redo of the poll WITHOUT the third option

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