why Carmelo Anthony is NOT a good idea

Our goal is to win a championship.  RIght? Nobody disagrees with that.  And I believe Carmelo Anthony is one hell of a player, and fully qualified to be a good team's star.  However, there are a number of reasons not to trade for Carmelo Anthony.  

1) Carmelo Anthony is NOT a type of guy who can win championships as the lone ranger.  While I agree that he is a GREAT player, he's gonna need a really great second and third scoring options, and while an optimist might say Brook could be a legit third scoring option on a championship team, where's the #2 guy? To prove that you need more than one star, I will post the last few NBA champions:

2010: Kobe Bryant led, and he is far better than Carmelo.  Pau was #2, and he is far better than brook.  And Artest and Bynum were solid complimentary players, better than any we would ever have after dealing for Carmelo.

2009: same team

2008: Celtics: Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett. Nuff' said

2007: Spurs: Had Tim Duncan when he was awesome along with Parker and Ginobili in their primes.  

2006: Heat: Had Wade and Shaq with great years and Jason Williams and Antoine Walker had good years too.

2005: Spurs: same team.

Anyway, the point is, you need either two real stars or three really good players.  If we traded for Carmelo, we would presumably give up any star-potential young talent (AKA Favors).  Which would leave us with Brook, Carmelo, and a huge steaming pile of bad contracts.  We'd be in cap hell with a less-then-championship team.  We'd be in what's known as "Hawksland", aka a good team but not great, that folds in the postseason after getting a 5 seed in the regular season.  

It is my belief that the offer the Nuggets would accept is as follows:

Carmelo, Al Harrington, Balkman for Harris, Favors, Murphy, Nets 2011 first, GS 2012 first, 2012 Rockets 1st.  If you think the Nuggets would take less, then I ask you why this deal isn't done yet.

This would leave us with no young talent, no picks, no cap space, and no legit third championship option. We would be stuck with this:

PG: Farmar, Uzoh

SG: Morrow, Vujacic

SF: Carmelo, Outlol

PF: Hump, Nobody

C: Lopez, Petro

If you think that's championship, I'd like some of what you're smoking.  Our goal is to win championships.  Dealing for Carmelo would NOT enable us to do that.  I'd rather we keep with our young talent (Favors and picks) cap space (Murphy and not taking bad contracts) and good PG (Harris, say what you want, he's at least decent).  Pick another great young player, keep the cap space, and BE PATIENT.  Wait for our 2011 pick, say, Terrence Jones, and Favors. Give them next season.  If we suck again, go all out for a star in free agency.  The Carmelo trade would be rash and unwise.  Keep our youth, take another season, THEN go all out for a star.  I know it's painful, but it's the best business. 

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