one more draft fanpost

As stated in my previous fanpost, in which I analyzed the top guys of the upcoming draft, I am really pumped for this draft.  This season has been so miserable, that I have to look forward to something basketball wise.  So today I will do a more complete analysis of what I believe the Nets should do in the upcoming draft.  Note that this is assuming no Carmelo trade is made.  

I am really, really hoping the Nets get a top five pick, because the talent drops seriously after that.  The top five prospects, in my opinion, are P. Jones, Irving, T. Jones, Barnes, Sullinger.  Now, of course in NBA drafts you pick BPA (best player available) in general, however I think this does not apply to the Nets.  The Nets have solid bigs (say what you want about Brook, he is AT LEAST a solid NBA center, flaws and all, and Favors is a solid developing big and if he isn't traded (which this whole draft scenario is based on) another top PF pick would hinder his development.  Feel free to disagree with me here, that's just my thought.  Now in my opinion, Irving is the ideal pick, because his overall game would fit the Nets very well, and I think we could get a solid wing in exchange for Harris.  But if he's not there, I say we go after a SF, which is a HUGE position of need for the Nets.  

Just our luck, there are two great SF prospects in this draft (assuming they declare).  Terrence Jones and Harrison Barnes are both great scoring wings the Nets would love to have.  Only time I'd pick a big is if we pick at #5 and Sullinger is the only top 5 guy left.  Then we could pick him and deal him or Favors somewhere.

So there's my analysis of the top pick.  Irving or a scoring wing.  If we get stuck at like #6, that would really suck, and we should try our very hardest to trade up a couple picks.  So I'm hoping we get Irving or T. Jones or Barnes.


Now the second part of this post. The sleepers.  We should have a late pick, hopefully #19 lol, from the Lakers, and I am going to look at guys to target with that pick.  

Jordan Hamilton, 6-7 SF from Texas

LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy if we can get him with the Laker pick.  IMO he would make the T-Will trade all worth it. Great shooter who has improved GREATLY since last year, scoring 20 PPG as opposed to 11 last year.  Hard worker, good passer, creates space well for his jumpshot, good finisher at the rim, pretty much the total offensive package.  However, he lacks athleticism to get into the lane in the first place, and may lack the lateral movement to be an elite defender.  In my opinion, he would bring great tenacity and scoring ability to the Nets, and what more could you ask for in a late first rounder.

Marcus Morris, 6-9 PF from Kansas

This guy has a great offensive game to be a solid backup PF for years to come.  He could even get some minutes at the 3.  He has a solid shooting stroke.  Can face up and use his quickness to beat bigger guys to the bucket.  Solid athlete who works hard for boards and doesn't force shots.  Unselfish guy who would be a nice role player for the Nets.

Kyle Singler, 6-9 SF from Duke

Polished guy with a great jumpshot and does a good job getting his own shot.  Lacks athleticism but brings the wing scoring ability the Nets lack so clearly.

Lucas Nogueira, 7-0 C from Brazil

Good rebounder with great hands and a developed low post game.  Needs to work on his effort and would take time to adapt to the game, but could grow into a perfect board-banging complement to Brook.

Jimmer Fredette, 6-2 PG from BYU

Great, great, great, great shooter.  Would bring scoring punch off the bench, however lacks the size to be an NBA 2 guard and is a score-first guy.  Works hard and passes reasonably well.  This would be a satisfying pick late in the 1st.

Josh Selby, 6-3 Combo Guard from Kansas

Do it all scoring guard.  However, he's sort of a 2 guard in a point guard's body, and that's a problem for the Nets.  He brings enough scoring ability that I would be more than happy with him with the Laker pick. 

Demetri McCamey, 6-3 PG from Illinois

Great dribble penetrator with great passing ability.  Would be a nice fit in the Farmar role, except Farmar is already there so he doesn't make sense.


This should give you an idea of the talent available at the Nets pick.  I personally would be running around the streets in glee if they get Kyrie Irving and Jordan Hamilton.  What are your thoughts on these players, the overall draft, etc

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