We have all the pieces to contend except for one: a SUPERSTAR

I've noticed a lot of people on here and freaking out about the state of the Nets.  I think people need to calm down and think about some things and they'll realize things aren't so bad.  The Nets front office realized need an elite player to win.  18 of the last 20 NBA titles have been won by 5 players: Jordan, Olajuwon, Duncan, Shaq and Kobe.  Think about that...18 of the last 20 titles have had one of those 5 players on them.  Basketball is a sport where one ultra-elite player can dominate with a solid supporting cast.  The Nets, realizing this, went after the only guys they felt were true elite guys...LeBron and Wade.  They struck out.  They were then faced with the choice of throwing superstar money at a non-superstar (Boozer, D. Lee etc...) or going with option B which was putting all of the role players in place and conserving enough cap space and tradeable assets so that they could acquire a superstar when one became available.  I believe they've done a darn good job at doing that. Yes, the Outlaw signing was horrible...maybe the worst in team history we get that, but other than that they did things right.  Look at our roster...and add a superstar to it.  Yes, it would be nice to get one in free agency without giving up anything...that was the plan...but it didn't work.  All the Nets need is an elite level scorer and they'll be very good.  If they get a first scoring option on the wing that guy will be the focal point of opposing teams defenses.  That mean Brook won't get double and triple teamed and he can be what he is designed to be..a second or perhaps third scoring option.  He can hit open shots and can take almost anyone one-on-one in the post.  In fact, look at the role players we have:


Brook Lopez:

The guy is coming off of mono and faces double or triple teams on a nightly basis. Many people just simply expect too much of him. Dude is in his 3rd season and he’s what all of 22 years old. He’s not the greatest rebounder…we get that. You can attribute that to a few factors: he’s not a great rebounder, he’s getting over mono, Hump has been gathering a lot of rebounds that we would’ve got in past years, he tends to leak out on fast breaks a lot instead of rebounding because he knows others will get the reb (Hump/Favors…), he’s playing further from the basket (thank Avery for that) so he’s not in great position for off. rebs…

However, look at all the great things he does…he scores a lot for a big man, shoots amazing from the ft for a center, has a solid and still developing bball IQ, great shot blocker, doesn’t get into trouble….and oh yeah…guy makes 2.4 million dollars…he’s probably the best bargain in the NBA. Oh and for good measure…guy never misses a game…Is he the first option on a winning team…heck no…but as a second or third option the guy is awesome…and when we get some real scorers on this team and he’s not double or triple teamed all the time you’ll see that. And what a nice guy too…

Devin Harris:

You guys are way over-rating this guy and then judging him based on that. He’s a solid player…and he plays…well…solid. Again, this guy isn’t a top scoring option on a winning team. He’s not a second scoring option on a winning team. He never claimed to be. However, he’s a very solid POINT GUARD. He can pass, he can play d, he never gets into trouble…and yes, he can score pretty well for a POINT GUARD. He’s not CP3 or DWILL,…he doesn’t get paid like that either…he’s a solid above avg point guard and a great piece towards building a winning team.

That's the PG and Center slots.  Very solid.  Now say you add an elite-scoring sf (Melo, Granger...)  Even if we give up Favors and some now have an elite scoring wing man to draw doubles and score and two guys you can't double off of (Lopez and Harris).  Now look at the rest of the roster:


You have Morrow at sg....good luck leaving him open.  The only guy you can double off of is Hump...and while he's not a great know he's gonna go hard to the glass the second he's left alone and he will get a ton of off. rebs.  That's the starting five.  And I think that's really competitive.  But the best part is...look at the bench...


You have a bench back court of Farmar and Sasha.  These guys were a good enough back-up back court to win 2 titles with the Lakers...they're certainly good enough to do it again.  Both are battle-tested, smart players who can hit big shots.  Then we have Outlaw at the backup 3.  Yes, I know, we all hate Outlaw...but coming off the bench as part of a second unit...the dude can score when he's hot and although vastly over-paid...for a back-up SF you could do A LOT worse.  We could also use one more backup big but hopefully D. James turns into that and we have Petro but yes if we add an elite-scoring wing and a backup big and all we give up in trade is Favors, Murphy and picks we will be very very solid.  So relax, eventually we'll get our star and once we do all the role players are in place.  Until then we need to sit tight and stop bashing our players and front office.  Everyone on the team is being asked to do more than they're capable of right now but one we get that elite guy then these guys can play the roles they're designed for.  Have faith!!




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