Nets' Biggest Blunders of 2010!! The List

2010 was some year, wasn't it.  Talk about a complete failure bordering on sheer incompetence both on and off the court.  There were so many to choose from in my estimation.  But here are some that come to mind for me, in no particular order.


1.  The Blueprint for Greatness.  Putting up that huge mural in Times Square to tweak the Knicks was ballsy.  But you've got to back it up, which we completely failed to do.  Instead, the Knicks took the winning gamble by signing Amar'e, started playing inspiring basketball and were the talk of the league.  Instead management fed us Outlol, Petro and a few ok bench players.  Barf!!

2.  Nothing said we don't care on management's part like the hiring of Kiki Vandeweigh.  Rod Thorn basically told each and every fan to stick it by hiring Kiki to coach the Nets in 2010.  At that point, Rod didn't care about us fans anymore.  It was all about Rod advancing some personal payback against Kiki.  Thanks Rod.

3.  Outlol.  5 years 35 million.  Who thought of this? 

4.  Failing to accept Miami's dumping of Michael Beasley for peanuts (i.e. Dooling).  Instead, management threw $$$ at Outlol.  Again, what were they thinking?

5.  Graham fouls Jeff Green in 3 pt territory in the first OKC game, leading to a painful overtime loss.  It might seem trivial.  But at that point, the Nets were playing competitively well and had the game in hand.  Until this blunder.  The season hasn't been the same since and the team (as Jason Kidd would say) has let go of the rope.

6.  Wasting valuable time pursuing Lebron while allowing Plans B, C, D, and E to slip through the cracks.  You didn't need 20/20 hindsight to recognize the value of not placing all your eggs in LeBron's basket.  Amar'e gone.  Boozer gone.  Lee gone.  Gay gone.  Heck, even guys like Tyrus Thomas went elsewhere. 

7.  Dorrell Wright.  How is it that we didn't target that guy, but thought Outlol was worth $35?

8.  In the midst of a 12-70 season, why didn't the Nets sign at least one guy to a 10-day contract.  Example being Reggie WIlliams a SMALL FORWARD (not that we need one of those - cough), was available and is now playing major minutes for Golden State.

9.  Tagging Brook as a cornerstone and untouchable.  C'mon son.  We were 12-70 last year.  We're one of the worse teams in the league this year.  There are plenty of teams with so-called non-franchise centers that are doing better than us and that outplay our cornerstone on a nightly basis.  One night, Nene is pushing Brook around.  The next night Darko is having his way.  Another night, Curly is looking like he turned back the clock.  Brook ain't untouchable.  Give me a break.  Look at how other centers set up camp in the paint for entry passes.  Then look how easily Brook gets pushed out to row AA when he finally gets the ball.  Brook is interested in drawing fouls, taking jumpers and comic books.

10.  Which leads me to wonder how Brook and Devin were named Captains.  If I were Avery, I would have waited to see who demonstrated true grit, passion for the game and leadership.  It ain't either Brook or Devin.


I'm almost all cried out.  You guys take over with identifying other epic blunders.  I'm done.

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