getting sick of Carmelo.. what we should do

At this point, it is clear that the Nuggets are using us.  They are asking for the world, and we are accepting, and then they're asking for Mars too.  At this point it looks like we'd have to give up Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Troy Murphy, Anthony Morrow, Ben Uzoh, Stephen Graham, Johan Petro, Quinton Ross, and, to top it off, 4 draft picks (3 1st)

This is an absurd offer and I can't believe the Nuggets haven't taken it.  I say establish a firm deadline and if they let it pass without making a deal, screw them unless they come crawling back.  

On top of this Carmelo does not look like he wants to come here.  It does in fact sound like he wants to go to the Knicks, but he'll go the Nets if it means he gets his guaranteed money.  I want DEDICATION, not reluctance.  Just personal opinion, take it what you will.  I understand that this could easily be a GREAT trade, but I've gotten sick of the Melodrama and want to move on.  Also, it would put us in cap hell and with all our hopes riding on Carmelo, which is NOT a place I want to be.

My solution? Small trades.  What small trades, you ask, could replace Carmelo? Well, these couldn't, but they could put us in a better and less risky overall position for the future. 

Trade #1: Trade Troy Murphy and the GS #1 to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace

Why for the Nets:  Wallace is damn good and more than worth this offer, would provide an adequate if not perfect replacement for Melo for EXPONENTIALLY less.

Why for the Cats: They seem desperate to get out from under his contract.  Don't ask me why, but they do.  They have apparently discussed sending Gerald to Cleveland for almost nothing but cap relief.  This deal gives them that and a good pick.

Trade #2: Kris Humphries, Ben Uzoh, the LAL #1, and a 2nd rounder to Memphis for OJ Mayo

Why for the Nets: Mayo is a great scorer, something the Nets really need.  Hump likely will never have a year like this again, and will likely bolt after this year anyway for some huge ill-advised contract that all the mediocre big men are getting these days.  Uzoh and the picks aren't anything special.

Why for the Grizz: Cap relief, picks, and getting away from a guy they seem to not like.  Uzoh might also get a little run with the Grizz, who literally don't have a backup PG.  Hump would also be a good player for them.

Trade #3: Devin Harris to Indiana for Darren Collison, James Posey, and their 1st round pick

Why for the Nets: In my opinion, Collison is close to being as good as Harris and far younger and still getting better. While Harris is a decent player, I think it's clear that he's not going to improve any more and that he's not a leader for a good team.  Also, that pick could be seriously valuable come draft night.  

Why for the Pacers: Harris is a good player, probably better than Collison at this point, and would help them push for the playoffs this year.  and getting rid of Posey's awful contract has to be enticing.

Move #4: Draft Kyrie Irving with the Nets pick and Derrick Williams with the Pacers pick.  These picks give us a lot of options for trades and a ton of flexibility with cheap contracts.  Irving is a no-brainer, and we could trade Collison for an additional asset.  Williams is a very skilled PF who needs time, he could be groomed as a backup big man or traded down the road.  

PG: Irving, Collison

SG: Mayo, Morrow

SF: Wallace, Outlol, Posey

PF: Favors, Williams

C: Lopez, Petro

That is a playoff team certainly, with a lot of youth and assets remaining to improve to a top team in the future, and a cap situation that's not crippled.  Thoughts?

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