Melo Will Be A Knick



People take a long look at the photo above and come to grips because we will be seeing it often in our near future. Face the facts and do not let the false hope that we can turn around our abysmal excuse for a franchise when a Brooklyn born savior returns to home. Heed these words Carmelo Anthony's Plan all along was to join Amare' and CP3 on the KNICKS. It was announced on the day of his wedding as another reason to celebrate and was a very public statement. It was a toast in front of hundreds attending including the Nuggets owner. Sure, they all could laugh it off and say that it was said all in good fun but please look deeper into this. Much like Lebron, Bosh, and Wade in Miami  the players made a pact way before it became public knowledge of what they were going to do and where they were going to play.

 The Problem with this situation is that now everyone knows that Melo wants to be a Knick. Carmelo can't come out and flat out admit his true intentions and get his money at the same time. He also doesn’t want to face the same criticism that LeBron did for his "decision". Anybody else notice that Chris Paul also tried to push for a trade this offseason too; Coincidence I think not. They have a plan in place but are not sure of how to put it into play.

And let me just say that I am not mad at Melo for the choice that he made in the least. He is a man who has made a decision based on what he thought was best for him, his family and his legacy and I would probably make the same choice even as a NET fan myself.  He wants to be part of a team that will undoubtedly compete for a title and is looking to team with multiple superstars who are his friends in order to fulfill this dream. He is following the blueprint that was laid out for him by lebron which is far from our very own "blueprint for greatness".

So now here we have our Nets FO throwing everything plus the kitchen sink in to Denver hoping  to force Melo into a corner and sign an extension which would complete the biggest trade in NBA history.  Quite frankly we are acting like the freshman slut who throws herself at the Senior Prom King star athlete in high school only to be ridiculed and denied (or have him flirt with her in the dark but flat out denied to the public). But still the girl keeps coming back for more hoping his mind will one day change. I used to be that guy in high school and believe me it never turned out well for the freshman slut....

I wouldn’t be surprised if Melo was the one who was behind the scenes pushing the Nuggets FO to go for more after we already offered everything we have while he hopes that we finally say enough is enough and he can make the move to NY as he originally planned. Think with your head and not your heart and you will see him as a future Knick too.

If Melo backs out now it will be like backstabbing both CP3 and Amare and makes melo a man who does not keep his word. So it doesn’t matter how pretty a picture Proxy, Jay-Z, Wifey LaLa,  Mayor Bloomberg or Jesus Christ Himself paints paints of Newark or Brooklyn; his mind has been made up along time ago.  I TRULY do hope that I am wrong but it looks like Melo will be a Knick no matter what we try to do. I had high hopes that NJ would be able to pull this deal off and make us a real contender. But after being tormented on this emotional rollercoaster I finally took a long hard look at the facts and now the picture shown above couldn't be painted clearer.

Still not convinced…??? Listen to this interview with Chris Sheridan to further see that the writing has been on the wall for us to read all along. We were just to blind to see it.

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