Time to Take Control vs. Being Manipulated

Can you imagine a billionaire that was smart enough to extract his wealth from a crumbling super-power being compared unfavorably to Donnie Walsh?  This is nuts.  Woj poos on Mikhail's head in the press.  The entire organization is chasing Melo like hormonal teenagers.  NUTS.

The party with the least leverage has been given all the leverage - THE NUGGETS!!!

Why would Melo want to be exiled to a gutted Nets roster?  He will be a laughingstock in the league.  As will the Nets.  Stripped of assets and cap space, we will be screwed, with no depth and a 4 seed at best - which means mediocre draft picks for the future too.

Why would a guy who is smart enough to rip off the Kremlin get hosed like this?  Time to take control.  There are three options.

1) When we meet with Melo tell him to tell the Nuggets that he will block the trade if it is more than Favors, Harris and two picks.  Frankly, Melo could even cut it back further and we still will be able to offer than anyone else.  We need assets and picks to make more moves.  (I also love the idea of telling Melo to reject the contract with us with a wink and a nod to sign it after the trade is done - that way we can get him for even less.  Not sure that would fly though).

2) Get in front of the cameras tomorrow and say we have made our best offer and you have 48 hours to accept it.  If not accepted, we will offer less on 2/24.  The best offer should be the one stated above at the most.

3) Stick to a five year plan.  We are better than we were last year, and would have 4-6 more wins without the distraction.  Our pick this year will be top 5.  Next year we will likely be in a loaded lottery again, plus have the GS and Rockets picks.  Favors will have matured.  Brook too.  We can make opportunistic trades like OKC has done with cap space next year (goodbye Troy).  And go after a cornerstone other than Melo in 2012 to open the new arena.  What is the rush anyway?

I would rather lose games with some dignity than have Donnie Walsh pointed to as a better manager.  I hate being a joke, and a lot of people will be permanently alienated if this travesty goes through as is being presented in the press.

Billy and Mikhail need to grow back their "stones" and save their reputations (and this franchise).

Enough already.

I cannot believe that it has come to this....




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