Averys System

Hello everybody, this is my first Fan Post!

I've been thinking about writing one forever now, but didn't want to add to the plethora of posts expressing disillusion in Prokys "ALL THE SAME" Nets. I'll just say this about that: I feel the Nets now have the persona of their CEO - Yormark. Cheering the Nets on is like cheering a sleazy salesman who's only about money and profits and looking good (Promark - heh heh, see what I did here?), it's really really hard. I feel like we're not the Nets anymore, but the Knickawannabes. We're the most corporate, alienating, money driven franchise in the NBA right now, and it's disgusting. And this desperation employed by Proky is just a big turn off. I never had respect for the kid who would constantly embarrass himself going after the cute girl in class over and over again as she blew him off. So don't ask me to respect Proky. I was happy because I thought someone with SO MUCH MONEY will be all about winning. Trading Favors for Melo is counter to that (many here have argued that we will NOT get another big with Favors potential at his price - and he is OUR baby too! and many here have argued that you will NOT win a championship without a FIERCE and STRONG front line - I'm in that camp). now that I've gone against myself and added to the plethora of posts expressing disillusion in the ALL THE SAME Nets...I want to talk about something else: Avery Johnson.

Avery was supposed to be our biggest acquisition this year. He had the best reg. season record, a helluva run with the Mavs, a great teacher who makes scrubs into near all stars and someone who can motivate, etc.

I see several things however, that make me question if he is even a "decent" coach at this point.

I want to say that I really want to support Avery, he seems like a nice enough guy, but I just don't understand what I'm seeing basketball wise, and I don't think this has to do with the players, or only the players.

1) Have you noticed how EVERY TIME the opponent sets a screen and roll the NETS switch and that leaves a mismatch for the opponent EVERY TIME!

Example: the other day vs. the Suns. The end of regulation, the suns run the 1-5 pick and roll over and over and over again. What happens? EVERY TIME Humph switches on Nash and we're left with Devin defending Frye on the Block. Brilliant right? That's a bucket for the SUNS EVERY TIME they run that play. But I've noticed this every game. Every time a team runs a P&R against us, we are forced to switch and play right in their hands.

Now, either our players are like super lazy, or this is a fundamental flaw in how Avery is teaching them to defend.

When I watch other teams, they have to deal with mismatches like these several times in a game, but we just bring it on ourselves almost every possession. It CANNOT be the players fault! Can it?

2) What the hell is Lopez doing touching the ball behind the 3 pt. line?

Even my wife who only started watching basketball this season, asks me all the time "Why is Brook so far out there? What's he doing out there...shouldn't he be playing closer to the basket?"

Not going more into this one because it's been talked about a lot. If this is because Brooks mono, then stop posting him up (cause he can't get position within 15 ft. of the basket anyways) and find sets to open him up for 15 ft. shots (I think the majority of his J's are coming from 18-20 ft. out - right outside his range). If it is because of AJs system, well...SHAKE MY HEAD...

3) Is Avery instructing the Nets to play selfish on the break?

Okay, most of our players are pretty selfish, bu you see, this is something I think even a "decent" coach could correct. When you have a friggin 3 - on - 1 break PASS THE DAMN BALL TO YOUR OPEN MATES IN THE LANES!! But this is happening OVER AND OVER AND OVER again...a 3 - on - 1 which ends with a brick or an offensive foul. How could a 'GOOD' coach let that happen-and consistently over 30+ games?

4) Have you noticed how the NETS don't rotate on penetration at all?

Okay, they are all NBA players and we have an NBA coach. Then why can't we do even the most basic rotations to help out on penetration? Lanes open like the Red friggin Sea opening for Moses and guys just fly in there as our bigs watch, not knowing who should rotate or when, and then they start blaming each other. How can this NOT be put on the coach?

The scary thing is, that a lot of these problems are happening on defense as well, and that is supposed to be Averys specialty. It's obvious that Avery's signings have mostly bomb shelled, but I find myself asking if Avery is really much better then that other little control freak that teams tuned out: Lawrence Frank (at least L wasn't power hungry). Certainly I don't understand either guys rotation. Like, when Favors is at 6 points and 4 boards after 5-6 min. of play in the 1st and Avery pulls him out. Guys get pulled out all the time right after they finally hit 'that shot' that should get them back in rhythm.


Well, I guess I'm just asking you guys if you see what I see, and if anyone can make any BBall sense of this, cause I can't. Should we be patient with Avery? I mean, why should we think his 'system' would all of a sudden improve only because Melo is suddenly in NJ? In fact, that's ridiculous. A good coach who has a good system will look respectable IMO even with lesser talent, it's called being greater than the sum of our parts.


Somehow we look MUCH weaker then the sum of our parts.


And we're likely trading our best parts for a sidestep.


NEW NETS: IT'S ALL THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




King: We'll protect our core

Ujiri: I want Favors and Devin


Obviously our core is: The big Tissue, Stephen bad foul Graham, Uzoh and Ross.


Way to protect our core...J§(K OFF

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