It Just Keeps Getting Dumber and Dumber

This article is the basis for the following post:

The Carmelo Anthony situation has been ridiculous for a long time now. There are several things that many different people have pointed out:

A) We are taking back tons of salary, too much salary to afford Chris Paul

B) The team will be significantly worse, despite the addition of a player with the talent of Carmelo Anthony

C) The front office is being embarrassed by pushing the trade in the media, even though it seems that Carmelo is very set on not coming here. See any of his recent quotes, where he maintains that he will be in Denver to play Lebron again in MARCH, or his avoidance of any question that asks whether he'll sign an extension with the Nets.

The list goes on and on. I've never been more embarrassed to be a Nets fan, including last year, where I knew the players weren't trying but at least I understood why. But now we have a management team and a coaching staff and there was supposed to be a giant leap forwards, but instead we get a giant leap sideways.

Which leads me to this quote from the article linked to above:


It is believed the latest deal on the table will now include Renaldo Balkman heading to New Jersey, with Kris Humphries heading back to Denver. The Nuggets and Nets have been trying to figure out a way to include Al Harrington in the deal as well.

Read more NBA news and insight:

Let this sink in for a moment. The Nets will be giving away their entire PF corps, one back-up center, their 3 point threats, must I go on? The team we would have at the end of this trade:



Anthony/Outlaw/James Balkman/Harrington




If that's the team I have to watch, I give up as a Nets fan. I've been patient, I've backed the team through tons of bad seasons, but this is pathetic.

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