If I were King...

Well, I kind of am.. 

Seriously though, if Billy King could just MAN UP and quote all those lovely words Prokhorov said before taking the team: "I do not get involved in the basketball side of things", "I hire people and give them full control", "I let them work through their mistakes."  He needs to go up to Mikhael and remind him of all this.  Tell him "With all due respect, you are new to all this, and you don't recognize that Denver is taking us for a ride."  Get the power back because Prokhorov is doing us no good.

It begs the question.. Is Proky any better than Ratner?  Sure he has a boatload more of money, and is willing to spend it... but at the end of the day, neither are very NBA smart and insist on making basketball decisions which are destined to ruin us.

They wanted the #3 pick, and reward for an abysmal.. we said fine.

They wanted our only all star instead of Murphy so they could move him for more... we said fine.

They wanted the Golden state pick because it was likely to become top 10... we said fine.

And after all that, they said "nahhh, lets wait a while". Hoping the Nets would plunder (which they did) increasing the value of the other pick they're getting (Nets 2011) and re open negotiations midway through the season... we said FINE.

Now they're demanding us to take on a horrid contract and add another draft pick?? Pleaseee..


You know what I would do?  I would entertain their offer.  Afterall, we all know there is NO ONE who can put together half the deal we are offering for Melo.  Make something up like "Ok, just let me find a taker for Outlaw so we can replace him with Harrington".  Give them a call every now and then telling them how "close we are".  Then finally, on February 24th, tell them the deal is done.

Minutes before it turns 3 pm... "Nah, lets wait and see."

Carmelo probably ends up walking as a free agent and signing with the Knicks, and as horrible as that sounds, I wont be too upset because I'll be busy rejoicing over Ujiri gettting FIRED!!!

Oh well, go Knicks.

One last thought... why isn't Leon Rose flexing his muscles in all of this?  Remember when the Nets had a great deal in place with Portland for Kidd?  Then his agent came out and said if we trade him anywhere but Dallas, LA, or Cleveland... he will steer future clients away from NJ?  

What Denver is doing is MUCH worse.  Let Carmelo GO!  He needs to flex his power and facilitate all this.  How can the Nets possibly play on this road trip now?

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