2011 Free Agency

Smith: "Nothing Has Changed"


Thursday was the day that the Magic were supposed to ask Dwight Howard where things stood, did he still want to leave and where else besides the Nets, Lakers and Mavericks did he want to be dealt....

Schmitz: Magic Must Consider Lopez


Brian Schmitz, the Orlando Sentinel columnist, has long been an advocate of trading Dwight Howard...like yesterday. He had until the last couple of days written negatively about the prospect of the...

"Like Protesters at a Funeral"


Two Nets got all dressed up in Nets gear Wednesday night and made their way to the Verizon Center in downtown Washington. No, they hadn't got their schedule mixed up. Nor was it a casual trip. It...

Kennedy: Magic Seeking Stars To Lure Howard Into Staying


It's not just Monta Ellis the Magic are seeking to try to keep Dwight Howard. It's Steve Nash and it's whoever they think will make Howard stay...and Kennedy adds in a series of tweets and a post...

Broussard: Howard Would Prefer Joining Nets in Free Agency

Chris Broussard offers his thoughts on the fates of various superstars after the All-Star Break and like just about everyone else believes the Nets are the "odds-on favorite" to wind up with Dwight...

Are The Lakers Out of D12 Stakes? Would Lack of Extension End It?


Here's something we missed celebrating the Nets win over the Mavericks Tuesday night, a report by Lakers play-by-play announcer and local sports reporter that Dwight Howard's agent told the Lakers...

Trade Winds Gust As March 1 Nears


On Thursday, some 130 players who previously couldn't be dealt will be available for trades. The 130 are free agents signed earlier this season. As can be expected, trade winds are gusting and may...

King Doesn't Fear Losing D-Will... Whose Younger Brother Plans On Coming to New Jersey


Billy KIng spoke Tuesday to Michael Kay on his ESPN Radio show. (Perhaps the YES interview will take place when he does a deal for Dwight Howard.? In the interview, King talked glowingly about...

Vecsey: Nets, Magic, Warriors Talk; Also Nets "Lean" Toward Beasley

Oh that Peter Vecsey! Near the end of a column on various trade possibilities that will begin to raise their ugly heads, he inserted this beauty: The Nets, Warriors and Magic are talking, with...

Dave D Does Math On D12, D-Will


In his second half preview, Dave Dalessandro does some math on the Nets pursuit of Dwight Howard (and thus, the retention of Deron Williams. He likes the Nets chances, at least as of now.

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