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Youth movement presaged Pierce decision


The mantra has changed. The Nets, who were the second oldest team in the NBA last season, are trying to get younger, more flexible and more, as Billy King said, "financially responsible." That's...

Howard's revisionist history of Dwightmare


In an interview with Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders, Dwight Howard says he still wanted to be a Net at the end of 2012 and says he was "promised" a trade to Brooklyn, presumably by the Magic.

Nets Talking Extension for Wallace


Billy King told reporters that the Nets have spoken to Gerald Wallace about extending his contract as well as a new contract.

Howard: An Almost and Future Net?


Fred Kerber and Peter Vecsey offer complementary takes on the latest version of the Dwightmare Friday morning, Kerber laying out what happened at the deadline (which includes Howard visiting an...

Dwightmare Ends: Howard Staying in Orlando


Josh Robbins is tweeting that Dwight Howard's manager has told him that Dwight Howard has indeed signed his ETO waiver and will be staying in Orlando for another year, thus officially ending the...

Reports: Howard Expected to Sign ETO Waiver Thursday

Reports out of the Orlando media indicate that Dwight Howard will sign his early termination option Friday. If true, it would end the Nets' pursuit of the All-Star center, four months after it began.

Stein: Nets, Magic Were Engaged in Talks Wednesday Night

As Wednesday night turned into Thursday morning, Marc Stein reported that the Nets and Magic "were engaged in talks late Wednesday night, with the prospect of at least one more team being recruited...

Woj: Magic Move Into Trade Mode

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that with Dwight Howard refusing to waive his player option, the Magic have moved into trade mode, less than a day before the trading deadline.

Aldridge: Magic Give D12 Deadline


David Aldridge is reporting that the Magic have given Dwight Howard a deadline to submit the needed "opt-in" paperwork to league offices Wednesday or they will trade him before Thursday's 3 p.m....

Broussard: Nets Want Howard Now; Trying For Three Team Deal


Chris Broussard in an ESPN Insider post, reports that the Nets front office wants to acquire Dwight Howard before the trade deadline, understanding that while they could keep some of of their young...


Amick: Lakers, Knicks Talk D12; Williams Interested in Mavs


Sam Amick reports Wednesday morning that the Magic have been in talks with both the Knicks and Lakers in recent days, with the Lakers talks more advanced.

D-Day For D12? Anticipation Grows


There's anger in Orlando and anticipation in New Jersey and Brooklyn and confusion just about everywhere else (why the Nets?) Wednesday morning as the Magic's options seem to be slipping away. The...

Howard: "I Want to Stay the Season"

Orlando seemed like a dysfunctional outfit Tuesday, except on the court where they beat the Heat for the second time this season.

Magic Options Shrink as Jackson, Ellis Are Traded for Each Other

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that two players who the Magic had targeted to entice Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando have been traded...for each other in a five-player deal.

Berger: Nets "Emerging" at Deadline

With the clock ticking down to the trade deadline, Ken Berger reports that the "Magic are coming to grips with the reality that they will have to trade Dwight Howard ... and Howard's preferred team...

Woj: Howard "Determined" To Be Net

Woj has spoken, in both a tweet and a column. Dwight Howard wants to be a Net and will be one either at Thursday's deadline or in free agency in July.

Monta Ellis to Orlando? Nope


It's silly season. As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, new proposals arise and fall. Some, however, aren't even real, among them the rumored three-team deal that would send Monta Ellis to...

Magic Continue to Pursue Ellis But Howard Remains Non-Committal


Ken Berger and others report that the Magic continue to pursue Monta Ellis to appease Dwight Howard, leading discussions on a three team deal that would also move Andrew Bogut from the Bucks to the...

Magic Will Wait Till Last Minute


Marc Stein and Chris Broussard think the Orlando Magic is in the final stages of the Dwightmare and very soon they will have to wake up to the reality of the biggest decision the franchise has made...

Mannix: If No Trade, It's Wide Open

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Chris Mannix reports that if the Magic don't trade Dwight Howard by Thursday's deadline, expect wide open bidding for the All-Star center, with the Clippers...

Big Week (of Big Games) for Orlando; Will Winning Ultimately Matter?


Despite the distraction of having their best player looking for the exit door, the Magic are winning games and if they continue, wonder pundits, will it have an effect on Dwight Howard's thinking?...

Are the Magic Making Last Calls?


Ken Berger reports that the Magic have spoken to the Bulls about a trade that would send Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu to Chicago for a package of Omer Asik, Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer and...

Orlando Awaits Trade Deadline

The Orlando Sentinel ran a page-full of Dwight Howard stories on Sunday (complete with a trade deadline clock), trying to help readers understand what may or may not happen this week. "Do not be...

Did Howard "Sabotage" The Magic?


In a somewhat rambling column, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel seems to be saying that Dwight Howard has wanted to play with the Nets all along and has deliberately "sabotaged" the Magic's...

New CBA Rules To Affect Trades


John Schuhmann points out that sIgn and trades work like free agent signings: no additional year, no bigger raises and, as Schuhmann notes, no incentive for Howard and the Nets (or the Mavericks)...

Magic Not Interested in Trading D12, But Here's Who They Want If They Do


The Magic are telling people they are not interested in trading Dwight Howard, but on the other hand, there are reports circulating of what they would want and who they have asked more. Meanwhile,...

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