Posts regarding the search for the Nets' next coach.

Deadlines and Committments - VI


The nut cutting begins now.  Within the next week, the Nets will start to interview head coaching candidates and start individual workouts for their three draft picks.  They will also host a group...

Johnson "Optimistic" Interview Will Lead to Job Offer


Rod Thorn keeping silent on who he's interviewing for the head coaching job...and when. Four to six candidates and maybe a surprise make up the short list.

Avery Up First, Thorn Hints at "Surprise"


Days after Rod Thorn denied he had set up an interview with Avery Johnson, Al Iannazzone of The Record reports that an interview has indeed been scheduled...for this weekend. Johnson apparently...

Jackson: "I'd Like to Have a Vodka" with Prokhorov


Phil Jackson? The Nets are reportedly gauging his interest in coming back east next season.

What Can Brown Do For You?


What can Brown do for you? Mike Brown, that is. Rod Thorn hinted strongly Monday that his short list of coaching candidates now includes the coach Cleveland fired earlier in the day. Rather than...

Avery Johnson First Up...and Maybe the Favorite


Avery Johnson is emerging as the leading candidate for the Nets coaching job, reports the Daily News. He will be interviewed next week for the job, ESPN reports. Johnson has been endorsed by Devin...

Woj: Vatutin To Arrive In June


Mikhail Prokhorov to tap Andrei Vatutin, president of CSKA Moscow, his old Euroleague team, as an assistant general manager. Vatutin would become the second European assistant GM after Toronto's...

Thorn: No Replacement For Kiki


The Nets will combine the roles of president of basketball operations and general manager, Rod Thorn said this morning. This follows word that Kiki Vandeweghe may leave before his contract expires...

Kiki Out


Kiki Vandeweghe at one point thought he would succeed Rod Thorn as president of basketball operations. But history repeated itself in Jersey. His contract wasn't renewed in Denver and it won't be...

Thorn Chuckles at Prospect of LeBron-Cal Package Deal


Joke's not on us. Rod Thorn responds to the possibility that LeBron James and John Calipari are offering themselves as a package deal to the Bulls, Clippers and Nets. Nothing has been offered to...

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