A breakdown of the Nets playing time

With such a large influx of players this year, the minute distribution will certainly be an important facet of how the team plays. Last year, Brook Lopez (36.9) and Devin Harris (34.7) were 1 and 2 in MPG for the Nets, but all the players between them and Terrence Williams (22.6), who was 7th, are gone. That's a large amount of minutes that needs to be divided up, so let us see how the minute breakdown could look for the Nets this year.

First Quarter: Brook Lopez, Troy Murphy, Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow and Devin Harris start the game. At the 6:00 mark, Terrence Williams comes in for Morrow, Derrick Favors comes in for Murphy and Damion James comes in for Outlaw. After the 3:00 mark, Johan Petro, Outlaw, Morrow and Jordan Farmar come in to finish the quarter.

Second Quarter:  Lopez, Murphy, Outlaw, Morrow and Farmar play for a few minutes of non-stop 3-point shooting. At the 9:00 minute mark, Devin returns for Farmar and Terrence comes in for Morrow. At the 6:00 minute mark, Petro, Favors and James come in and play with Devin and Terrence. At the 3:00 mark, Morrow and Brook return to play with Favors, Terrence, and Devin.

Third Quarter: Starters come back in. At the 8:00 mark, Favors comes in for Murphy and Farmar comes in for Devin, Terrence comes in for Morrow and James comes in for Outlaw.  Then, with 2:00 left, Murphy, Devin, Outlaw, Morrow and Petro come in to finish the quarter.

Fourth Quarter:  Petro, Murphy, Outlaw, Morrow and Farmar come in for some more 3-point shooting. At the 8:00 mark, Brook, Devin, Favors, James and Terrence come in. At the 4:00 mark Murphy, Outlaw, and Morrow come in to close out the game.

If Favors or Terrence is hot, they can stay in and grab those crunch time minutes at the end. If Terrence takes a bunch of James' SF minutes and Farmar takes some of those backup SG minutes, that will work. This is assuming that everyone plays as planned. The minutes break down looks like this:

  • Brook Lopez: 36
  • Devin Harris: 32
  • Troy Murphy: 26
  • Travis Outlaw: 29
  • Anthony Morrow: 29
  • Terrence Williams: 22
  • Derrick Favors: 22
  • Damion James: 16
  • Jordan Farmar: 16
  • Johan Petro: 12
Sorry Kris Humphries and Quinton Ross, you guys just don't fit in the rotation. Remember, this can be very fluid. If Favors doesn't progress as planned, then Murphy grabs more minutes and Hump probably gets thrown into the rotation. With this rotation the Nets have a ton of three point shooting, and they can really penetrate the lane with Devin and Terrence. This allocation of minutes is already a sign that there will be a big improvement over last years team.


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